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    Diamond Canyon uses Character Counts and the Coyote CODE as its foundation for discipline. Character Counts are comprised of six pillars to live by: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship. Our Coyote CODE is Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe, and Be a Learner. I do believe it is extremely important to have a safe, respectful, and connected environment to insure ALL learners reach optimal learning!

    Each student will have 3 colored cubes on their desk daily. These cubes will be used to monitor and remind students of their choices and classroom expectations throughout the day. Listed below are the descriptions of each level and its consequences. Students will start each day fresh with 3 cubes and will change the number of cubes based on their actions. At the end of the day, students will add the earned amount of points to their dojo monster. Points can be monitored by partners via the ClassDojo app. When a student has earned a total of 60 points, they will be rewarded by picking a class coupon.  Their points will be on a continuous count. Therefore, every 60 points earned coupons will be awarded (60, 120,180,240...). Coupons can include: Homework Pass, Floor Fun, Super Supplies, Teachers Space, Library Love just to name a few. 

    ***NOT ALL student choices will follow these steps. I will use my 20-year professional experience for all situations. 

    Mrs. Colangelo will be invited in when necessary.  


    This link is time sensitive, and will be removed in September. 

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    BONUS points will be given for Coyotee CODES 


    means I’ve had amazing behavior today and earned 3 points!!


    means I received my first warning AND lost 1 point for today.


    means I recieved my second warning AND lost 2 points for the day.


    means I may have lost my recess and had to fill out a Think Sheet AND I lost 2 points for today.


    means we will have to have a parent meeting and I might have to talk with               Mrs. Colangelo AND I lost 3 points today.

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