• Kindergarten Behavior Management

    The behavior management program that our class will be implementing this year is called a “Stoplight” system of Assertive Discipline.  Each child will have sticks that represent different lights. They will also be given 1 warning sticks to use prior to light changes to remember verbal warnings.  If the behavior warrants, a light may change. At the end of the day the students with:

    GreenBehavior is good, all rules are being followed and student’s listening skills are exceptional.  Student is allowed all classroom privileges and rewards.

    Yellow -Student is in violation of one of the class or school rule, and has not changed his/her actions after being given 2 verbal warnings.  This serves as a visual warning and will result in a 10 minute loss of center time. Light Chart in folder must be initialed.                                                                 

    Red -Student continues to violate rules after verbal and visual warnings have been given.  Consequence: one day sitting away from group during seat work time and complete loss of recess / center. Light chart needs parent signature.  

    Lights Out - Student continues to violate rules after time out, or a serious infraction of rules has occurred  (fighting, continuous bullying, endangering oneself or others etc).  At this point, the student will be on a “lights out” and a parent will be notified.  All classroom privileges will be lost until the student demonstrates the ability to control his/her behavior.  They will also visit the principal.  

     The positive is always stressed.  We will be incorporating The Six Pillars of Good Character into our program (trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship) Students will be trained on each pillar and reminded of these Good Character Traits daily.  Students will also be monitoring their own behavior and will be given verbal praise, privileges and rewards for good behavior.  Each day, students who remain on green will be rewarded with a treasure chest visit on day 10.  Parents will also be able to monitor their child’s behavior.  Each day, children will have a colored light within their classroom folder on a calendar to help chart each month.  We will also keep communication open by providing you with an explanation to any light changes.  Please remember to check your child’s folder daily and to return it to school.  We will also use this folder to provide any and all important newsletters, notes etc. 

    Thank you for your cooperation.     
    The Kindergarten Team