•  2nd Grade Words so far:

    drum, chop, rock, sack, list, tag, desk, rib, job, mess, sad, dust

    page, nose, space, size, fine, huge, mice, late, race, blaze, vote, rice

    stop, clip, strap, stream, nest, mask, hand, twin, brave, breeze, ask, state

    dropped, dropping, excited, exciting, lifted, lifting, hugged, hugging, smiled, smiling, talked, talking

    bunch, math, that, them, wish, shape, patch, whale, when, itch, what, chase

    hard, before, farm, chore, born, more, porch, score, horse, smart, corn, part

    can’t, I’m, she’s, haven’t, it’s didn’t, aren’t, hadn’t, he’s, who’s, isn’t, I’ll

    person, nurse, dirt, turn, birth, serve, curb, curl, skirt, purse, turtle, her

    note, notes, lunch, lunches, story, stories, tune, tunes, switch, switches, baby, babies

    tail, raise, main, brain, wait, paint, say, stay, away, today, play, tray

    read, feet, easy, deep, seat, party, wheel, leave, windy, sleep, teeth, team

    goat, hold, show, most, bowl, float, toast, ago, open, told, toad, slow

    basketball, weekend, birthday, bathtub, driveway, raindrop, someone, something, riverbank, backyard, bedtime, mailbox

    find, right, child, flight, sky, spider, bright, cry, wild, blind, fly, myself

    sooner, soonest, hotter, hottest, busier, busiest, happier, happiest, smaller, smallest, fatter, fattest

    ankle, title, apple, cable, purple, able, bugle, bundle, bubble, giggle, sparkle, tickle

    around, out, gown, sound, flower, howl, toy, noise, royal, moist, coil, cow

    cook, stood, full, wood, July, shook, push, pull, brook, book, hood, put

    downstairs, football, cowboy, houseboat, railroad, rainbow, boyhood, oatmeal, soybean, roadway, outplay, daydream

    too, new, fruit, blue, true, fool, suit, spoon, clue, juice, drew, flew

    cheerful, visitor, slowly, weekly, teacher, helper, hardly, graceful, yearly, quickly, fighter, sailor

    unsafe, preheat, rerun, disappear, unlock, discolor, rewind, unpack, unplug, regroup, preschool, disagree

    knock, sign, knee, wrong, write, climb, wrap, wren, gnat, lamb, comb, knob

    phone, enough, backtrack, laugh, ticket, duckling, graph, tough, photo, rough, cough, clang

    talk, because, August, caught, draw, walk, chalk, auto, taught, thaw, fault, launch

    tried, trying, planned, planning, liked, liking, skipped, skipping, heavier, heaviest, lighter, lightest

    Mr., Mrs., St., Jan., Feb., Aug., Dr., Ms., Rd., Oct., Nov., Dec.

    mixture, nation, section, future, picture, action, caution, station, fixture, motion, nature, feature

    kindness, careless, goodness, useless, fearless, darkness, sadness, sickness, helpless, thankless, fitness, weakness

    midair, misplace, mislead, midway, misprint, midday, midweek, misbehave, midyear, mismatch, misdeed, mistake


















































    On the first day of each week we will have a spelling pre test on the upcoming phonics lesson for the week. This will be 12 words and be sent home by the 2nd day of the week for you to go over with your child. This is not graded, but should be used as a review tool. We will have weekly spelling assessment each Friday. In order to make sure students are storing words in their long term memory, the words on the test will be drawn from four different spelling buckets at random. Below is an explanation of the buckets. There will be 20 words on each assessment and 1 dictation sentence. Please do not use these words as a memorization tool, but use them to play spelling games, practice in the car, on flashcards, etc. Phonics is a huge part of 2nd grade and we want long term success not short term memorization!