PLTW Biomedical Sciences Make Up Work Information


    Obtaining make up work is the responsibility of the student.  Assignments are listed in Canvas and posted on the board in the class room. 

    Make Up Assignments Due To Absences:

    After an absence a student has one school day for each day missed to make up work/tests, regardless of the number of days absent. If many days were missed, please schedule an appointment to formulate a plan for the completion of make-up work.

    Make-up work for extended absences (over 3 days) may be requested through the Counseling Office and picked up there.  If you know of a planned absence, please provide at least 3 days advanced notice to allow me to organize your work.  

    How to obtain missing work:

    •  Review Course Calendar and To-List in Canvas for due dates   
    •  Review class calendar on website
    •  Read directions for specific activity- to see if it can be completed during your absence
    •  Email Mrs. Rodgers if absent
    •  Contact a fellow classmates 
    •  Speak to Mrs. Rodgers prior to or after class when return to school

    Make up work is due according to the MRHS Make Up Assignment Policy in the Student Handbook.