•    The 100 Club!
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    Dear Classroom Families,

    This year your student has the opportunity to be a member of our classroom 100 Club!  To earn their way into this optional club, your child will need to complete reading 100 books during the course of the school year.  Books read during normal reading time at school do not count. Your child can borrow books from the school or public library, or use books from home.  You and your child can read the books together, you can read some to them, or they can read them on their own. I would *love* for you to do a combination of these things- this way your student is hearing you read fluently, they're practicing reading out loud to develop fluency and expression, they're working on their own independent reading, and you’ll get to spend some time together too!

     Your child will be given a recording sheet to keep in their binder for the 100 Club. They will use this to write down the titles of the books they've read… Just make sure they are in the correct spots as there are 30 different types of books that they must read and then 70 of their own choosing.
    Your child can become a bronze club member by reading 50 books, a silver member for reading 75 books, or a gold member by completing the 100 books. However, the 30 required types of books must be met before they can be a bronze member! Your child will get special awards for completing each level and certificate for reading all 100 books.
    I am very excited about this optional way to encourage reading outside of our classroom! Thank you for helping your child become such a great reader this year!
    Mrs. Imdorf