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    Professional Sales & Marketing
    Marketing is used in nearly every career.  Students are introduced to industry topics and skills that foster an understanding of how our free enterprise system works here in the United States. This course exposes students to the business environment providing the opportunity to explore the fundamentals of marketing including digital and social media marketing. Students evaluate products and services while being introduced to selling, promotion, pricing, product planning, distribution, and marketing information management. Students will prepare for employment by contributing to a student based enterprise on campus that supports classroom content. Resume building and career portfolios are developed from project based learning to strengthen future opportunities for employment. This course aligns with MKT267 & MKT271 at the community college and may be available for dual enrollment credit. 
    Student Organization:  DECA
    GRADE: 9-12   LENGTH: Year   CREDIT: 1    
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    Hospitality Management 

    The Hospitality Management program is designed to prepare students for employment in positions that provide customer-focused services in such facilities as hotels, resorts, convention centers, national parks, travel agencies and cruise lines. Students take a brief look at the history of the industry to understand the forces that have shaped it and the degree to which it has changed. They learn about traveler motivation and consumer needs and how these factors affect current offerings in the lodging, transportation, food and beverage, and entertainment sectors. Students apply their learning to their culminating project developing a vacation package for high school students. They create a business plan, an itinerary that includes a special meal suggestion, a promotional plan, and a brochure about the destination. They present their plan to an invited audience. 

    Student Organization:  DECA
    GRADE: 9-12   LENGTH: Year   CREDIT: 1

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    Class Schedule
    Period Class Name
    1st   Hospitality Management
     Advanced Hospitality Management
    3rd  Advanced Marketing
    Hospitality Management  
     7th Hospitality Management