• Classroom Expectations


            Students in our classroom are expected to follow 3 easy rules, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Make Good Choices. At the beginning of the year we will discuss as a class how students can be respectful, responsible, and make good choices. Below are some examples for how students can be respectful and responsible in our classroom:


    1. Use kind words
    2.  Wait your turn
    3. Share with others
    4. Walk quietly in the hallways
    5. Say "Please" and "Thank you"


    1. Return your homework on time
    2. Put away supplies when you are finished
    3. Keep your hands to yourself
    4. Complete your assignments

    Positive Reinforcement

            Students who show they are respectful, responsible, and make good choices will be positively recognized throughout the day, week and year. Our classroom will have a "Kid of Character" wall where photographs of students making good choices will be displayed. Students will also have notes and certificates sent home during the year. 

    Logical Consequences

            Students are expected to be respectful and responsible throughout the school day. If a student is having difficulty following a rule they are given a warning and reminded of what a good choice would be. If a student continues to misbehave they will have a consequence. I try to make each child's consequence as logical as possible, therefore, consequences will vary depending on the situation. For instance, if a child continues running and talking in the hallway after a warning is given, they would have to come in during part of their recess to practice safe and respectful ways to walk in the hallways. However, if a child continues to be distracted by a bracelet or necklace, instead of coming in for recess, they would have to keep the bracelet in their locker for the rest of the day.
            Students are rarely sent to the principal's office in our classroom, however, the safety of all the students is very important to me. If a student hits or pushes another child they are automatically sent to the office. I want all of the students to feel safe and secure in our classroom.