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       Hello and thank you all for visiting our class website.  Welcome to your favorite class ever.  I am a firm believer in the ability to have fun while learning and assure you we will be doing a lot of both.  Last year was wierd at best and I am looking forward to having a better one this year as I am sure most of you are as well.  
         When you walk through the doors of room 307 you are instantly part of my family and you will be well taken care of.  I try to cultivate a very inclusive atmosphere that allows everyone to be themselves, feel seen, heard and respected.  I only ask that you treat others with the same level of respect that give to you, so that our experience together this year can be as enjoyable as possible.
         I value growth over achievement, so as long as the effort is there we will all succeed.  I just try to be better than the person I was yesterday and will hopefully be able to impart that mindset onto you all as well.  
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    Class Name
     1  8:45 - 9:46 Prep
    2 9:49 - 10:42 Science
    3 10:45 - 11:16 DSS
    * 11:16 - 11:46 LUNCH
    3  11:49 - 12:46 Science
    4 12:49 - 1:42  Science
    5 1:45 - 2:36 Science
    6 2:39 - 3:30 Science