4th-6th Grade SAGE Program:
    Stetson Hills School has a program for identified gifted students in math for 4th-6th grades (the SAGE Program).  Students who are placed in math receive advanced and enriched curriculum and services within the SAGE classroom for that content area(s).
    For Placement into the SAGE Program:
    For Placement into the SAGE Program (4th-6th Grades) for Each School Year:  Student placement within the SAGE program in 3rd-6th grades is based on a state-approved test score. Deer Valley provides testing for elementary students at each school site three times per year using the Cognitive Abilities Test (COGAT).  Once a child places within the program, they do not have to retest to continue into the program the following year through 6th grade. 
    Math Placement:Placement into the math program occurs when a student scores 95 Percentile Rank (PR) or higher within the Quantitative area or has a Non-Verbal score of 97 PR or higher and 85 PR score or higher in the Quantitative area on the COGAT. Other placement can be made using a composite score.
    Testing for SAGE Placement:  
    Testing will occur at the beginning of the year, winter, and spring using the Cognitive Abilities Test. Students may test again a calendar year later from previous testing if they don't place into the gifted program or a gifted class the first time.  Parent permission forms for testing will be sent to parents to sign and return once the nomination is given to Ms. Mead or the child’s teacher.       
    Other Information: