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                                                The Six "B's"

     The six B's are the main reasons for your students coming and seeing me during the school day.  One of my goals as a school nurse is to make sure that your students are safe, healthy and able to be fully engaged in classroom learning. At the beginning of every year, I like to connect with students and meet the new ones by going to all the classrooms.  I review and talk about washing hands, playground safety, allergies and THE SIX B's.  I want students to know that I am available for them throughout the school day as needed.

    The most common reasons to come see me fit under this heading--ask your child about them!

    They are:

    --Bleeding more than one bandaid can cover.
    --Bumped head.
    --Barfing (yucky word, but it fits under the B's).
    --Bee or insect sting.
    --Breathing problem.
    --Broken bone--of course!

    I am also always available to care for the students of Legend Springs for any reason!