• The art room could REALLLY use tissues and cleaning wipes. We see so many artists and would love the help to keep our kids safe.
    The Mirage Art room is very lucky to have so many families that keep us stocked up! Cleaning out the garage, playroom, under the couch? Finding weird things, bring them in! Thanks so much for your help. We have over 500 artists using our supplies!
    If you would like to donate to the Art Room, we could always use any of the following:
    Sponges for cleaning and painting Plastic Wrap for cool painting backgrounds Facial Tissues Markers
    Baby wipes for young hands and sometimes faces. Duct tape, plain color or cool patterns, we're not picky! unscented lotion for students hands after ceramics clean up Those nice permanent black markers...
    Black Sharpies Aluminum Foil SHARPIES Press 'n' Seal
    Fancy crayons (multicultural, gitter or construction paper specific) Large plastic tubs from pretzels/cheeseballs actual cheeseballs :) Erasers, non pencil topper type     
     Old calendars Select-a-size paper towels We like sharpies Animal Books
    non fruit scented hand soap with pump Gallon size ziplock bags for ceramics stickers! indivudual packs of markers
    Clorox Wipes, because, ew Ticonderoga brand pencils fine tipped markers

    a nice note

    Before you throw these away... Barrels from Costco Pretzels, Pringles Cans, baby blocks, stamps, calendars, frames with no glass, puzzles with missing pieces, hair dryer that still blows any air, containers with no lid, free pizza coupons, decorations from a party.... think about bringing them to the art room!!
    Here are a few grand wishes we have in the art room:)
    Thank you so much to the parents and community partners who have donated supplies, you are amazing! Last year we got a new drying rack and the year before, a huge rug for our SmartBoard area!