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     A strong work ethic driven by the goal of continuous improvement is essential for student success both in high school and the student’s future.  Each piece of work is crucial as it provides an opportunity for feedback on improvement and also for growth in the student’s education. All coursework, both summative (assessments) and formative (practice), is of value and influences a teacher’s understanding of your student’s learning and growth. 

    Final course marks are determined by the teachers' professional analysis of your student’s most recent and consistent evidence of levels of achievement against those standards based on prescribed exit outcome levels.  Valuable feedback on student work may be provided through use of rubrics, in Canvas, on paper, or verbally during instructional time.

    A student’s final grade will be determined by an assessment of his/her proficiency in the standards for this course. Work will be assigned and should be completed in order to gain proficiency in skills and develop a thorough understanding of the concepts. Each piece of work is crucial as it provides an opportunity for feedback, improvement and demonstration of growth. Students that do not develop, practice and demonstrate skills through the assessments are not likely to pass this course.

    The overall course grades will be calculated by averaging the assignment scores entered during the term.

    A = 90-100%

    B = 80-89%

    C = 70-79%

    D = 60-69%

    F = 0-59%


    Students and parents will be able to see the overall standards scores for each standard in the Assessment category. The standards scores do not impact the course grade. These scores are informational only.

    4 = Highly Proficient

    3 = Proficient

    2 = Partially Proficient

    1 = Minimally Proficient NE = No Evidence


    Late/Missing Work: All missing work will be accepted for full credit five school days after the end of an intructional unit, except if

    • An assignment was due by the end of the class period (such as a timed activity)
    • Assignment is not a Long-Term assignment (over multiple weeks)

    Absent students will have the same amount of days they missed to complete missing work


    Retakes: To earn a retake opportunity, a student must  complete all of the following:

    • Complete all formative coursework related to the content/skill assessed
    • The student must communicate with the teacher to create a reassessment plan within five school days of receiving the assessment score.


    • School provided iPad
    • Headphones for Computer Classes


    What to do immediately upon entering this classroom:

    1. Take out your iPad if you do not want to use the class desktop computers. (Excluding Computer Classes)
    2. Turn off your phone or put it in silent mode and place it in your backpack. 
    3. Put your backpack away under the desk.
    4. Log in to Canvas and prepare to actively engage in learning.
    5. Fully participate in the activities of the day

    Tips for Success:

    • Attend class daily.
    • Be in class on time with iPads fully charged.
    • Use technology appropriately as identified by the teacher.
    • Make good use of class time by being focused on the lesson.
    • Bring all necessary materials to class.
    • Come to class with assignments prepared.
    • Ask questions about anything they do not fully understand.
    • Be actively involved as they prepare assignments for class.
    • Formulate questions they might have about the material.
    • Be respectful of the teacher and fellow students.


    We know that technology is all around us and can enhance work outcomes. We embrace technology and strive to use it as a powerful learning tool.  We provide iPads for our students and strive to integrate technology into our lessons.  Because our students have access to iPads and school computers, they will not need to use cell phones during class time.   We ask students not to access their phones during class.  This is an important part of preparing students for college and their career.   As they graduate, head to college or start jobs, they will need to know how to manage their devices and understand the appropriate time and place for technology use. 

    DVHS students will use iPads to complete tasks during class.  If a student does not comply with this policy and his/her phone is being used or creates a disruption in the classroom, the following steps will be taken.

    • 1st Offense:   Teacher will request that the student put the phone away and for it not to be visible or used during class time. *
    • 2nd Offense:  Teacher will apply classroom consequences such as asking for the phone to be put on the teacher’s desk and document the offense. *
    • 3rd Offense:   Teacher will send the student out of the classroom to the sweep room or office where further disciplinary action will be enforced. 

    *If, at any time during this process, the student escalates this issue, the student can be referred to administration immediately. 


    DVUSD has determined that the use of AI Large Language Models (LLMs), such as ChatGPT, is prohibited unless clearly specified by your teacher.  Specific guidlines will be provided in the assignment details.  If you're unsure if the tool or website you are using is an LLM or if it is permitted on a specific assignment, please contact your teacher before submittitting your work.


    The use of cellphones is strictly prohibited during class time. Teachers will give the students a warning and then the phone will be asked to be put on teacher desk. If student does not comply then the security/office will be contacted to come get the phone. If the student refuses to give up the cellphone, then the student will be removed from class. Progressive discipline will occur with each cellphone instance.


    The use of Earbuds are strictly prohibited during instruction time. Earbuds should be placed in student backpack during instruction. While working independently in class, the classroom teacher may use discretion in allowing earbuds to be used to listen to music on the school issued iPad. Earbuds are NOT to be connected to phones and may only be connected to school iPad during class time with teacher permission.


    You will need to use the link below to sign out of the classroom.  You will still need to have the pass approved by the teacher.  If you have any questions about the new hall pass system, please ask the teacher.

    E-Hallpass Link


    It is my goal to maintain a comfortable and open learning environment in which all students feel free to ask questions. If you feel that you need extra help, please contact me to set up a time to assist you.

    If students or parents would like to schedule a meeting with me, please email me.  I am looking forward to working with you and helping to create a positive and rewarding learning experience! 

    Thank you,

    Basilio Lopez

    Deer Valley High School CTE Teacher