• Parents are asked to go online and update their student's medical information at the beginning of the school year.
    Please make sure all of your students' medical conditions are included and accurate. 
    • List any allergies and chronic illnesses your student may have.
    • List any medications they take.
    • Include at least 3 emergency contact phone numbers for your child.
    Notify the office immediately if any changes occur during the school year. It is imperative that we can reach a responsible adult if your student gets hurt or has a sudden illness.
    Please enter the nurse's phone number on your caller ID so you know it is the nurse calling you.
    The Health Office phone number is: 623-445-7610.
    Students will only be released early to the people listed on the Emergency Card. Please have a picture identification with you. When you arrive to pick up your student, you will need to sign them out in the front office.
    Picture of Ambulance