If your student needs to take medication at school it must be checked in to the Nurse's Office. The parent/guardian must complete a "Consent for Medication" form. Any prescription medication must be in the original bottle with the student's name, physician, dose and instructions clearly labeled.  PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS ALSO NEED A WRITTEN DOCTORS ORDER IN ORDER TO BE GIVEN AT SCHOOL. FORMS ARE AVAILABLE IN THE HEALTH CENTER. Over the counter medications may also be given but it needs to be in the original bottle. Consents must also be filled out for over the counter medications as well.
    The Nurse's Office by law cannot provide medication for your student. We are unable to stock Tylenol, Cough Drops, Neosporin or any other over the counter medications.
    Student's are not allowed to keep any medications with them. Please do not leave any medications until I have checked the consent form.
     Medications need to picked up at the end of every school year. Medications left after the last day of school will be discarded
    As children are not supposed to be carrying medications per district policy, I cannot request them to carry them home. You may want to make arrangements for a responsible adult to pick up your child's medications and send me a note as to who will pick up if you are unable to do so yourself. I am unable to keep medications over the summer and am required to dispose of any remaining medications before I leave for the summer. Please pick up medications prior to the Wednesday of the last week of school in May.  Please ask the front office to help you if the nurse is not in her office.

    A new medication consent form is required for each new school year. I must have new consents for each year. You may pick up a new form for next year when you come to pick up your child’s medication.

    I am prohibited from administering any prescription or over‑the‑counter medication which is not in its original container. All prescription medications must also have the prescription label on it. "As directed" will not suffice for administration of any
    prescription medication at school.