green and red choice
    Green and Red Chocies 
    In our class, our behavior management system is making green and red choices.   It is a positive approach to behavior and a universal support for all students in the classroom to teach students the expected behaviors. 

    Green choices are good behaviors, worded in a positive way. They are the choices we want students to make such as listen, use kind words, and have a calm body. Green is always a symbol for go, keep going and red is a symbol for stop.

    Using positive language goes a long way! It builds caring community where students feel loved and safe so they are able to lean and grow!

    We will be teaching green choices through books and activities all year long. Making green choices is hard! Each behavior is paired with a visual support. We have green and red choices chart available for visual support in our classroom.

    Green and red choices focus on the choice rather than the child. If a child makes a red choice, a teacher or another student may point it out quietly or simply ask if that’s a green choice. The child can change their behavior and make a green choice.