Sunset Ridge School will be participating in Deer Valley’s 7-8 athletic conference.  In this conference, Deer Valley has adopted the code of conduct, “Pursuing Victory With Honor.”   Deer Valley athletic programs are committed to providing an enjoyable experience in a safe environment where students pursue “Victory With Honor” through the “Six Pillars of Character:” Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship
    There is a process and specific requirements in order to try out for any school sport.  Listed below are the requirements in order to try out:
    1.  Complete Athletic Packet [see link to the left]: athlete


    • All papers completed and signed by student and parent
    • Current physical completed and signed by doctor
    • Proof of insurance
    • All documents MUST be on district forms given in packet
    • The packet must returned in the same order that it is printed out 
    2. Athletic Director must review and clear an athlete's packet prior to tryout
    3. Athletes may not participate until cleared
    Closed Tryouts/Practices
    It is Sunset Ridge’s desire to create a safe and unbiased atmosphere during tryouts and practices.  Therefore it is our policy that all tryouts and practices are closed to everyone; excluding student athletes, coaches and SSR staff.  This helps decrease any additional liability in the gym during these activities.


    In accordance with the State of Arizona’s regulations and Deer Valley’s Governing Board Policy, only those students deemed academically eligible may participate in extra or co-curricular activities. Athletic Eligibility will be determined every week starting the first Monday after the week of tryouts.  If a student-athlete is failing a class (Minimum of 1 F), they will be put on a pending academic list for one week. During this pending period, the student-athlete will still be considered on the team and allowed to participate. If a pending student-athlete is still failing a class (Minimum of 1 F) the following week, the student-athlete will be put on an ineligible list for one week. During this ineligible period the student-athlete will still be considered on the team, allowed to practice, but not allowed to participate in games or travel with the team to away contests. If the student-athlete has a combination of three occurrences during a season (Pending or Ineligible), then they will be dismissed from the team. This will be considered the three strike rule.


    Grade checks will be run every Monday morning and the pending/ineligible time period will be Monday- Saturday. Grades are considered for all classes with no exceptions, and it is not looked at on a class to class basis. In the case of a teacher error, then that situation will be dealt with on an individual basis.

    Students who are suspended from school may not participate in any team practices/games from the time of their suspension until the day following their last day of suspension.  Students and parents should be aware that if the student is medically excused from participating in regular physical education classes, they could be ineligible for participation in school athletic programs as stated on the medical excuse from the parent or doctor.


    Students participating in extracurricular events must be in attendance at school on the day of the events. Students who are excused for a part of the day, not to exceed one-half day, for dental appoints and/or medical appointments may be allowed to participate.


    Breakdown of Sports
     Boys Volleyball  Boys Basketball  Boys Baseball
     Girls Volleyball  Girls Basketball  Girls Softball
     Cross Country  Spirit Line (Cheer)  
    Tryout Weeks (Subject to change):
    Boys Volleyball: Week of August 12th
    Girls Volleyball: Week of August 12th
    Cross Country: No Tryouts. 1st Practice is Monday August 19th
    Boys Basketball Tryouts: Monday
    Girls Basketball Tryouts: Thursday
    Spirit Line/Cheer Tryouts: TBD