Overview of Renaissance Gifted and STEM Academy
    at Canyon Springs School
    Science, Technology, Engineering and Math focus
    The Renaissance Gifted and STEM Academy located at Canyon Springs School,
    beginning in August 2013, provides highly gifted learners with a unique educational
    environment. This program is specifically designed to meet the academic, social, and
    emotional needs of like minded first through fifth grade students.
    Renaissance gifted teachers are highly qualified, effective and gifted endorsed. The
    Renaissance Gifted and STEM Academy uses both state and common core standards
    to combine acceleration, enrichment, project-based and problem-based learning
    opportunities, social/emotional support, and personal interests in rigorous learning
    communities. Students will demonstrate their learning through a variety of mediums,
    including the use of technology, robotics, and a capstone project at each grade level.
    The Renaissance Gifted and STEM Academy is for students who are identified highly
    gifted, have curious minds, and are interested in the STEM academic areas. The
    STEM curriculum emphasizes connections in the fields of math and science,
    meaningfully integrates technology, and introduces and engages students in the
    engineering design process. Our STEM focus will prepare students for further study
    in these areas and for futures in these highly sought after career fields.
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     These amazing Renaissance students Exceeded in all areas of the AIMS Test!
    Great Job!
    Ms. Stephens class visited the Scottsdale Center of the Arts in October! 
     Math  BookIt
    2015 Continental Math League Winners! We got the top 100 certificate again this year for being on of the top 100 classrooms in the nation to read the most minutes through Book It! with Pizza Hut. The class got a certificate, a plaque/trophy, and a gift card for a pizza party!


     Our Teachers:

Teacher Grade Level Website Email Phone Number
Natasha Geiber 1st & 2nd https://www.dvusd.org/cs-geiber natasha.geiber@dvusd.org 623.376.5266
Stephanie Stephens 3rd & 4th https://www.dvusd.org/cs-stephens stephanie.stephens@dvusd.org 623-376-5261
Kristen Franklin 4th & 5th https://www.dvusd.org/cs-franklin kristen.franklin@dvusd.org 623-376-5244
Jennifer Dillon 6th http://www.dvusd.org/cs-Dillon jennifer.dillon@dvusd.org 623-376-5246