• Mrs. Chesbro's

    Survival Guide
    Show your "Viper Pride"! 

    Mrs. Chesbro’s Expectations
    Classroom Behavior should be demonstrated using Viper Pride by...

    Respect, Responsibility & Integrity
    Remember: "Be Safe; Be Respectful; Be Responsible, Be Safe"

    All students will...
    1.  Show respect to the Teacher at all times by obeying without grumbling and disputing.  Absolutely NO back-talk.
    2.  Show respect to the class by not talking, whispering, passing notes, or any other forms of disruptive verbal or nonverbal communication.
    3.  Show respect to each other by keeping hands, feet, and all projectile objects to themselves.  (This includes throwing things into the wastebasket.)
    4.  Show respect to themselves by refraining from any abusive or disrespectful language. 

    Broken Rules Result in...
    1.  Verbal or nonverbal warning.
    2.  Individual conference with the teacher, GRIT card infraction.
    3.  Lunch Detention
    4.  Phone call home
    4.  Major Behavior:  Any broken school rule results in referral directly to the principal’s office.

    General Classroom Order

    Students are responsible to... 

    1.     line up outside of class until the teacher lets them in.
    2.     be in their seat, ready to begin before class starts.
    3.     listen and follow directions.
    4.     have pencils sharpened before class begins.
    5.     keep desks and areas around them neat and free from litter.
    6.     keep desks and furniture clean of writing, vandalism or abuse.
    7.     use dictionaries, and return them neatly and in order.
    8.     use passes out of this room wisely.  
    9.     leave this room only with a signed planner.
    10.   stand when an adult enters the room.

    11.   be polite and courteous at all times.
    Passes are a privilege and over-use or misuse will result in suspension of that privilege.
    Courtesy to one another and to the teacher is of paramount importance. 
    Students should say please and thank you, and should reply to the teacher by name.

    Every Monday you will receive ten or more new vocabulary words.  If time permits, you may be given class time to look the words up.  You may use a chrome book or smart device for this with the teacher's permission. Use the following guidelines:

    1.    Write or type the full definition of the word in a Google Doc.  
    2.    Make note of the pronunciation.  Practice saying it until you feel confident.
    3.    Write the part of speech (n, vt, adj, etc).
    4.    After you have the definition and understand the word, use the word in a sentence.
    5.    If you wish to use the sentence provided by the dictionary, feel free.

    6.    Never use the word in a sentence with just a subject, linking verb, and vocabulary word
    For example:  Henry is obnoxious.  I am fastidious. Show me that you know what the word means by the way you use it.

    7.    Underline or highlight the word in the sentence.
    8.    Never define a word with a derivative of the word (for example: defining neurotic with neurosis).
    9.    Save all your vocabulary worksheets until the end of the year.  

    Every Tuesday I will check your vocabulary.  If you have looked up nine out of ten words, you do not get credit. If you did not finish in class, then it is your responsibility to finish at home. 

    Looking up words can be tedious. On Tuesday, we will go over the words, and then you will receive a worksheet/writing assignment to reinforce the words in your own vocabulary.  Unless otherwise noted, this worksheet is due on Thursday.

    Every Friday you will have a test over that week’s words.  You will also have periodic midterms and finals over the previous units, and at the end of the year, you will have a final over all 200+ words.  This is a good reason to really learn the words and move them into your active vocabulary, and not just memorize them for the tests.  The tests will be given online, and you will be responsible for both definition and usage.  The tests are rather difficult and will require study.  Get into the habit of setting aside time every Thursday night for this purpose.