December learning


      Where on Earth would you have the longest day?

    • Develop and use a model to predict how objects act at a distance

    • Use ratios and proportions to to analyze and interpret data related to scale, properties and relationships among objects in our solar system.

    •  The Earth and our solar system are a very small part of one of many galaxies within the Universe.

    • The composition of the Earth and its atmosphere and the natural and human processes occurring within them shape the Earth’s surface and its climate.




     Social Studies

     Ancient India

    • What impact did Ancient India have on other cultures?

    • What was the importance of their geography to their development?

    • Describe aspects (e.g., geographic origins, founders and their teachings, traditions, customs and beliefs) of major religions ( i.e., Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam)

    • Identify factors ( e.g., river/costal civilizations, trade that influence the location, distribution and interrelationships of economic activities over time in different regions.