Gifted Cluster Model

Gifted Cluster Model

    Cluster grouping is a full day service model. Gifted students are grouped in a classroom with teachers who are trained to adapt the curriculum and environment for gifted learners. These teachers understand and value the unique academic and emotional needs of gifted students and have built a classroom environment that challenges students in every content area. Gifted students benefit from being grouped with their intellectual peers within a differentiated and enriching classroom. They participate in critical thinking, inquiry, and problem solving. Students are empowered to become organized, selfdirected, lifelong learners. Classroom compositions are carefully structured with two main goals: to ensure that there is a balance throughout the grade level, and to reduce the learning range found in any given classroom. This system provides opportunities for teachers to more readily respond to the needs of all their students. Acceleration opportunities are available and considered based on individual readiness and needs.


    Program Goals

    1.    Teachers who serve gifted students receive ongoing training.

    2.    Differentiate the learning process, content, and product for gifted students.

    3.    Meet students’ individual academic and social/emotional needs.

    4.    Student achievement is commensurate with individual potential.

    5.    Increase achievement of all students in the cluster classrooms.

    6.    Engage students in all aspects of their learning process so they become selfdirected, lifelong learners.

    7.    Build 21st Century Skills so students become well rounded, highly educated citizens.