2D Design Digital Photography



    Course Title: 2D Design Digital Photography

    Instructor: Stephanie Sullinger-Dukarm

    Room: 619

    School Phone: 602-467-6879

    School e-mail:    


    Course Description:

    This course will serve students who want to explore photography as a form of art, and for those interested in creative careers. Advanced students will have an opportunity to submit their portfolios in AP Studio Art 2D Design.


    This course is aligned with the Arizona State Standards which include the Common Core State Standards.


    Course Goals & Objectives:

    The students will create a portfolio of artwork using the creative process that represents their own vision and skills as an artist.   They will use a variety of materials, tools and techniques. This course will prepare the students for post high school art courses in the digital arts. Artistic expression and problem solving will be the main emphasis of the course. The students will gain a greater understanding of meanings and purposes of art in society. Quality in art will be emphasized. Art worlds, issues and values will be incorporated into the projects.


    Course Materials:

    Required materials: SD Card

    Highly suggested: SD Card Reader for an ipad.

    Students are not required to have a camera for the class, however we only have a few cameras available and they will not be available for use at home. Students who do not own a DSLR camera will have to complete their projects at school.  A SD card reader for an ipad is highly suggested for each student.  Students can use it to easily transfer their photos to an ipad, edit them and turn them in with the card reader.


    Classroom/Course Expectations:

    The policies written in the school handbook will be followed. Students are expected to follow the school and district rules and procedures as listed in the student/parent handbook. Abusive language and profanity must not be used in class. Students are expected to be respectful, responsible, safe, cooperative, peaceful and productive. Students must use their class time to complete their projects for this course; all class work is to be completed in class on or before the due date.


    Electronic Devices:

    Many students want to have the privilege of carrying electronic devices on campus. With that privilege comes the responsibility of ensuring that those items are not used on campus during class or on a bus. If students are found listening to music or texting in class or otherwise not fully engaged in learning, the device will be confiscated. Misuse of electronic devices may result in disciplinary procedures in addition to the confiscation of the device.

    Because we are becoming a technology rich campus, we are expanding the use of iPads as a learning tool. The iPads will be increasingly integrated into the curriculum to reinforce critical thinking, collaboration, and cognitive engagement. I will designate during which activities students may use the device, and I will articulate how the device should be used appropriately. If a violation of the stipulated use occurs, consequences will be enforced in accordance with the DVHS Student Handbook.

    Parent Access to Grades, Due Dates and Curriculum:

    All my classes will be using Canvas, our online learning system to turn in their work. It is very important that students come to class with their iPad charged.  Parents can gain access to the student's Canvas pages and review the lessons, due dates and their student's submissions.  I highly suggest you sign up with your student's login information, it is a very valuable resource.  Here are a couple ways to sign up:

     APP directions: 

    Computer Access Directions:  

    Parent Access Canvas Directions 

    If you are not signed up to receive weekly or daily emails from or district grading system I also high recommend it.  It is a great way to keep up with all your student's grades and attendance.  Here is a link to get it set up.


    ID Card: Student must visibly wear I.D. card at all times while on campus or at any school activity for the safety and security of all students.



    Class work, projects, quizzes, and participation equal 80% of your grade, the final equals 20% of your grade.

    Projects will be graded with a rubric that expresses the expectations for the drawing or project.


    Grading Scale

    A         90-100%

    B          80-89%

    C          70-79%

    D         60-69%

    F          0-59%


    Final course grades are computed as 80% equaling the coursework done throughout the semester and 20% equaling the final exam portion of the grade.


    Test Retakes

    Students may retake quizzes and tests under the following circumstances:

    * If they have an excused absence for the day of the test.

    *If they received a 60% or lower on the exam.


    This retake policy does not apply to District or teacher created semester exams.



    The students will be working on all projects during class, attendance and class participation is very important for success in this course. Class time must be used in a productive manner; wasted time can result in incomplete assignments and negatively affect the student’s grade. Projects are expected to be done during class time, and completed in class on or before the due date unless approved by the instructor in advance for special circumstances only.


    Make-up Policy:

    Students who have an absence which is excused have one day for each day absent to turn in missed work. Students who are marked unexcused will not receive credit for worked missed but will still receive feedback. See the student handbook for more information regarding excused and unexcused absences.  . Late and missing work without an excused absence or prior instructor approval will not receive full credit


    An assignment which is considered a long-term project is due on the due date and time as stated when the long-term project was assigned. Long-term projects may be turned in prior to the due date as well as parent/guardian may turn in at the front desk. The students may use SET time or arrange another time to come in and make up work. If the student does not make arrangements within a week, it will result in a zero. Absences which result in unexcused or verified ditch through the office will result in an automatic zero. Absence policies will be followed as stated in the student handbook.


    If you have any concerns or information you like to share with me that might be important for your student’s success in my class, please feel free to send me an email or call me. Please fill out and return this page.


    Thank you,

    Ms. Dukarm



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