Each month, we will focus on the engineer design process with a STEM theme that is integrated into all content areas. Don't forget to ask your child about these fun, hands-on, and engaging lessons. Monthly Donation Lists


    August: Back to School (fastest bus, pencil towers, paper-clip teacher)

    September: All About Me and the Community(bridges, 10 apples on top, binoculars, noise makers) 
    October: Then and Now (candy-corn bottle flipping, spider web challenge, pumpkin structures, bone tower, pumpkin catapult) 
    November: Thanksgiving (corn maze, drums, rainsticks, tin foil boats)
    December:  Holidays (gingerbread houses, present launch)
    January: Changes (sleds, Goldilocks bed/chair, winter road safety, cable car challenge)
    February: America (penny catapult, cupid challenge, hearts, penny water drops)
    March: My World (gold coin catapult, leprechaun traps, rockets)
    April: Our World' (jelly-bean towers, peep-achute, most magnificent thing, magnets)
    May:  Year in Review (pinatas, flower bouquet, going the distance)