• Dual Enrollment Information
    Important Dates for Fall 2022
    Please wait to complete registration until you (the student) or your student (if you are a parent) attends the first day of school in that class period. This way, all important information can be provided by the instructor. 
    All registration will take place in your student's dual enrollment class. 
    *Keep in mind that you will need the course section number(s) in order to register. You will want to ensure you have the correct teacher's name and course when you identify the section number for your registration. The class period though doesn't matter. Each instructor has just one class "period" - so even if you are in Ms. LaDuca's period 3, you. You will use the section number for period 1 since it is the only period listed.
    Rio Salado Dual Enrollment Steps - You will want to follow these steps carefully. It is helpful to give yourself some time to sit down and go through the steps. It is important to know that Enrollment Steps 1 – 3 must be completed before students can proceed to the Registration Steps.
    This page will be updated with more information once we get closer to the start of the Fall 2022 semester.
    Thank you for your patience.

    Having issues and need to contact Rio Salado's Dual Enrollment Office? Call 480-517-8080, hours: 8am-5pm


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