• Dual Enrollment Information
    Important Dates for Spring 2022:
    January 10th - The "purge" begins. On this date and every Monday afternoon that follows, if you are registered for your course(s) and you haven't paid, you will be withdrawn for non-payment. Don't panic - this isn't permanent. You will just need to go in and add the class and then pay.
    February 14th - This is the last day for students to self-enroll. 
    February 22nd - Last day for students to withdraw and receive a refund.
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    *If it helps you to have more linear steps, please consult this handout from the college: Fall 2021 DE Enrollment Handout

    *Keep in mind you need to read closely all of the information and read through the process slowly. You don't want to miss any steps. Please also notice that some of the steps may take a day or two to "cycle" through. 

    Having issues and need to contact Rio Salado's Dual Enrollment Office? Call 480-517-8080, hours: 8am-5pm


    Other Helpful Links:


    Rio Salado's Main Dual Enrollment Web Page

    Tuition Assistance Information

    University Transfer Information

    Need to transfer your official Rio Salado transcript to your college?
    Follow these directions:
    1. Go to: https://my.maricopa.edu/ 
    2. Scroll down and click on Student Center
    3. Log in
    4. Under the Second Section of your student center, you will see Academics. Look for a drop-down box underneath Test Scores. it will say "other academic" - click on the arrow and select "Request Transcript" and then click on the blue circle with the chevrons (side arrow-like image).
    5. You can then follow the directions to order your transcript. You will need to choose whether you want an official or unofficial transcript.

    Hint: First look at your unofficial transcript - this is free to view and download. This will let you check to see if your official grades have posted for the classes you have taken. This way you won't waste money ordering official transcripts too soon. Official transcripts are at a cost to send.