• I tutor every Monday and Tuesday at 8am (so long as there is school). Please come prepared with the concepts you want me to help you with. 
    1. If you are doing homework and are struggling, have your parent sign the paper and leave it until the next day. The parent signature is essential! There is no need for you to work on something that you don't understand. We will get together and figure it out:)

    2. Students will come to class prepared to learn. This means bring your work, notebook, SHARPENED PENCIL, and learner's attitude.

    3. We use behavior charts to monitor citizenship (GRIT cards). Each student is expected to enter the class and have this chart out for the entire period. Parents should check this regularly as a quick way to see how the student is doing.

    4. I do not give extra credit with no exception. Do the work that is expected of you, come to tutoring if you don't understand, ask me questions during class or speak to me one-on-one if you need to, and complete the study guide before each test.