Parent Information

  • Kindergarten Parent Information and Academic Focus

    Mrs. Sparks Room 106

    Phone:  623-445-4300




    Kindergarten Information

    Daily Folder:  Your child will have a folder that he/she brings to and from school.  Please make sure to check your child’s folder daily and put it back into his/her backpack.  This folder will include papers to stay at home and papers that may need to be returned.  This folder will also include a behavior calendar for the month for you to check daily.  

    Homework:  Each week, a homework packet will go home with activities to practice during the week. These can be turned in on the following Monday.  This homework will be very short.  Plesae do not stress if your child is not able to complete it.  I am there to help!    In addition to the homework, please continue to read with your child at home and practice the sight word lists.  Each night please read 15-20 minutes to and with your student.  

    Sight Word Lists:  I will be sending home a list of sight words for your child to practice throughout the year.  When your child has mastered these, I will send the next list home.  

    Monthly Behavior Calendar:  There will be a monthly behavior calendar in your child’s folder.  Each day, your child will have a green, yellow, or red color for his/her behavior.  Please check this calendar nightly and discuss his/her behavior. 

    Family Projects:  Each month, I will be sending home the Family Projects with your child.  I’ll ask you to help your child decorate the shape for each month.  Some months have specific ways to decorate, and some months allow for free expression.  I will be sending the projects home with a direction sheet in the beginning of each month with a “due” date on the direction sheet, but your child is more than welcome to turn them in earlier.  

    Weekly Emails:  Each week, you will receive an email with information from our classroom.  This will include what we are learning as well as any important reminders.  If you are not able to receive emails, please let me know and I will print a copy for you.  

    Water Bottles:  Students may bring a bottle of water for school.  Please do not let your child freeze it before bringing it to school.  It causes a distraction during class time.  It might be a good idea to cover the water bottle with a sock to keep things dry and write his/her name on the bottle as well.  

    Transportation:  Please make sure the school office and I have the correct transportation information for your child going home from school.    If there are any changes, temporary or permanent, please notify the office in writing.  For the safety of your child, the office cannot release them to another adult unless the person is listed on your records in the school office.  If your child is going home with a friend on a certain day or has any other temporary transportation changes, please send a note to the office and I stating this.  

    Label Everything:  Please label everything your child brings to school with a permanent marker.  This will help me return these “lost & found” items to the proper student. 

    Extra Change in Clothing:  Please send a change of clothes for your child. Please place it in a Ziploc bag with his/her name written on the outside.  This bag will stay in his/her backpack.  This change of clothes can be used in case of an accident, spill at lunch, mud on the playground, etc.  

    Dress Code:  Students need to dress in comfortable clothing for work or play. Please keep in mind that your child may be painting, playing with playdough, etc. during the day.  No flip-flops please!

    School Hours:  School hours are 8:40 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.  Please make sure your child is on time to school.  Please contact the office to let them know if your child is going to be absent at 623-445-4390.