• Writing and Fine Motor

    Tips and At Home Activities


    1. When you are writing, give your child a pencil and paper and let him/her write too.
    1. Display your child’s drawings/writings at home on the fridge, taped to the door, or anywhere it can be seen.
    1. Encourage your child to scribble, draw, or write with chalk on the sidewalk.
    1. Play with hand held water sprayers and have him/her spray letters on the sidewalk.
    1. Magic markers, colored pencils, chalk, and paintbrushes all make writing tasks fun and different. Provide various types of paper: lined, unlined, post-it notes, paper sacks, old greeting cards, and envelopes.  They make writing very inviting!
    1. Play the game “make one like this” as you use straws, sticks, or spaghetti to make letters.
    1. Use a grocery bag or large sheet of paper to make large thick letters of the alphabet.  Have your child run a small car, toy, or animal along the outline.  Encourage your child to stay in the road.
    1. Paint pictures after an outing or trip or use photos.  Encourage your child to write about the event and use new vocabulary learned from the experience.
    1. Use water and allow your child to dip his/her fingers in the water to write letters on colored construction paper or the sidewalk. Model handwriting and remind your child to start their letter formation at the top!  
    2. Have your child tell you a story.  You can write down his/her words, illustrate it together, and reread it nightly.
    1. Encourage stretching out of sounds and praise all attempts.  Focus should be on the process and not on correct spellings at this time.