• New River Physical Education Daily Participation Grading Rubric

                                                                           0 (Poor)                                            1 (Great)
    1. Cooperation                                  Student was disrespectful                   Student was respectful and
           * Teamwork                               and uncooperative to others               cooperative to others during
           * Sportsmanship                               during the lesson.                               the lesson.
    2. Safety                                            Student disregard safety                        Student followed safety     
        * Responsibility                            considerations during the lesson.          considerations during the lesson.
    3. Attitude                                     Student disregarded directions              Student followed directions      
        * Behavior                                                   and rules.                                 and rules.
    4. Effort                                            Student was inactive in activities           Student participated in
     * Activity                                               during the lesson.                           activities during the lesson. 

    5. Warm Up                                      Student fails to follow the daily               Student follows the
        * Proper Form                                         warm up routine.                                warm up routine.

     * Each class is worth 5 points towards their daily participation grade.
     * Daily participation grades are based on these 5 areas.
     * Failure to participate during the entire 45 minutes of class results in losing points.
     * Students that don't have the proper attire will be given an alternate assignment to complete to earn    
        their 5 daily points.