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    I have been teaching math here at Mountain Ridge HS for the last 23 years.  I am also the Head Wrestling coach.
    I am a High School graduate of Holbrook HS and received my degree from Arizona State University with a Masters from NAU.
    An interesting fact about me is that I have 2 kids, a 15 year old and an 12 year old who both have the same exact birthday as me.
    This course is designed to develop a greater understanding and appreciation for and skill in applying statistical techniques in the decision-making process. Topics include: descriptive statistics, probability, and statistical inference. Practical examples based on real data are used throughout the course. Students will plan and conduct experiments or surveys and analyze the resulting data. 
     This course includes the study of the complex financial world students will encounter in their lives including taxes, bankruptcy, investing, hedge funds as well as personal financial topics like loans, (car, college, home and pay day loans), insurance, credit card purchases, loan refinancing, financial software, budgeting, and retirement planning. This class is a project based course. 
    Class Schedule
    Period Class Name
    1st      Statistics  
    2nd Statistics
    3rd Statistics
    4th Lunch
    5th Stats/Financial Math  
    6th Financial Math
    7th Algebra 1-2