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    Officer Nominees

    * Elections are Monday at 3 pm.

    *Please be sure you've submitted your hours sheet.

       Hours form- use dvusd learner account

    * Speeches should be 1 minute in length.  We will give a 10 second grace period for 

       any potential lag/tech difficulties.

    *If you would like a print copy of your speech on the website for people to read or in case of technical glitches or issues,

       email it to Laura.Nardone@dvusd.org by midnight Sunday.


    Feeling "Trapped?

    The Trap Door Society will be creating a 

    list of activities to do when you're feeling 'trapped" inside the house. Look for more ideas tomorrow!



    WEEKLY CHALLENGE-Week of 3/23

    "Don't be Stuck Under a Rock"


    Paint or Decorate a Pet Rock

    Once you're done, make it a name tag with its name and the artist's name.

    We'll post a "Family Rocks" photo at the end of next week.

    Photos due to Nardone by 3/27 via email with the subject ROCK




    Things to do if Your're Trapped


    Activity #1: MATILDA pics from pick up rehearsal- courtesy of the wonderful Vaisman family!

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    Activity #2:

    Monologue Mania (from the publishers of Captain Bree)



    Activity #3:

    Build a Fort!  Read a good book inside or take a nap.


    Activity #4:

    Go fora walk or a hike.  Practice good social distancing and check with your parents, but the sunlight helps a lot!













    Thes Fest 2019

    PERMISSION SLIP- must return Thursday November 14th to attend!