The Fall of the House of Usher
    Congrats to all who auditioned for a great job!  More opportunities coming soon!
     Due to the folder outside F135 by Tuesday the 17th.  Thank you!
    Schedule for the Week of 11/6 nd 11/13
    No rehearsals
    Officer Mtg

    Feeder schol show Periods 2-5
    2:20-3:15 TDS
    3:15-5:30ish Pick up rehearsal (actors and tech)

    No Rehearsal
    Thespian Fest IE's and Scholarship welcome to rehearse until 4:00

    Call Time 4:30 PM
    Show Time 7:00 PM

    Call Time 5:00 PM
    Show Time 7:00 PM
    Senior Circle-  around 2:30
    Call Time 5:00 PM
    Show Time 7:00 PM
    Monday 11/13
    Feeder School Show- TImes TBS (during the day)
    2:30- 6:15ish Strike
    Mandatory Thespian Festival Meeting
    Optional Strike Time

    The Fall Of The House Of Usher- Important dates for the Cast

    Act one scene one memorized by September 19th

    Act one scene two memorized by September 25th

    Mini run September 26th

    Act one scene three memorized by October 2nd

    Act two scene one memorized by October 11th

    Mini run October 12th

    Act two scene two memorized by October 18th

    Auditions begin 8/29
    Crew packets are due by September 1st to F135
    Stage manager/tech director/asst director apps due by Friday, 8/25 in the folder outside F135 
                                                                               Are you a senior in our program?  Interested in being a PT director? 
    All the info is here!
     Any changes have been highlighted.  :)