• Reading Tips for Sharing Books With Your Child

    1.     Make reading a daily event and part of your child’s regular routine.


    2.    Allow your child to sit close and help turn the pages of the book.


    3.    Read your child the title, author’s name and illustrator’s name.


    4.    Take time to look at the pictures and talk about what might happen in the story before reading the book.


    5.    Read with expression and varied voices for different characters.


    6.    If the story has a repeating pattern, encourage your child to say it with you.


    7.    Ask questions as you read.  This is the most important part of sharing books.  Time taken to discuss story lines and pictures helps your child’s comprehension and ability to read independently later.


    8.    Leave off the end word of sentences and have your child supply the word.  This is a fantastic way to share a rhyming book.


    9.    Read a variety of types of books.  Visit the local library to broaden your child’s reading selection.


    10. Model reading in the home.  Reading from recipes, newspapers, ads, labels, and books are all practical ways to share the reading experience.


    11.  Read while on the run!  Sharing words seen on the road or on storefronts are some of the first reading your child will do.  Recognizing that print is everywhere is exciting for young children.


    12. Expand on the reading experience by having your child write, draw, or create.  A child can tell about a favorite part, favorite characters, the story sequence, or create new endings through these experiences.

    94 Things a child can read other than books and magazines . . .


    1. baseball cards                                                        51. grocery lists

    2. cereal boxes – other packaging                              52. clues

    3. songs and songsheets                                             53. match covers

    4. clocks                                                                     54. shoe boxes

    5. brochures                                                               55. labels on canned goods

    6. posters                                                                   56. chalkboards

    7. bulletin boards                                                       57. toothpaste

    8. recipes                                                                   58. medicine bottles

    9. comic strips                                                           59. pencils and pens

    10. cue cards                                                              60. telephone books

    11. warranties                                                             61. report cards

    12. signs                                                                     62. notebook covers

    13. newspapers                                                          63. placemats

    14. tags                                                                      64. greeting cards

    15. TV guides                                                             65. postcards

    16. instructions for games                                         66. gum wrappers

    17. letters, notes, and cards                                      67. paint cans / spray cans

    18. directions for building models                             68. garden supply containers

    19. experience charts                                               69. candy wrappers

    20. graffiti                                                                70. bubble gum comics

    21. gasoline pumps                                                     71. toy labels, wacky packages

    22. dashboard                                                            72. cancelled checks, deposit slips

    23. license plates                                                       73. “wanted” posters

    24. food labels                                                           74. wallpaper

    25. billboards                                                             75. dishes, glasses

    26. menus                                                                   76. tickets

    27. want ads                                                              77. movies, subtitles

    28. CD/DVD labels                                                    78. parking meters

    29. catalogs                                                               79. envelopes / bags

    30. thermometers                                                      80. scoreboards

    31. marques                                                                81. program books

    32. rebus stories                                                       82. tombstones

    33. graphs                                                                  83. horoscopes

    34. card games                                                          85. computer games/ screens

    35. crossword puzzles                                              86. reader’s guide

    36. maps                                                                     87. labels at museums, zoo, parks

    37. fortune cookies                                                  88. vending machines

    38. T-shirts                                                                89. birthday/holiday cakes

    39. bumper stickers                                                  90. fuses

    40. word search puzzles                                           91. patches

    41. aisle markers                                                       92. book signs

    42. stamps                                                                  93. door signs

    43. television ads                                                       94. engravings