My Teaching Philosophy:




    I believe that my students should appreciate the importance of change over time and the importance of the context of history. They will have the opportunities to understand primary and secondary historical sources. Be able to participate in group and individual projects, as well as speak from and defend alternate viewpoints and come up with compelling conclusions. My students should leave my class with an understanding of not only the content, but why it is essential to learn about history. I will use the knowledge of our past to challenge my students to understand all side of history and respect how it has led to where we are today. 


    Grades/Grading Breakdown:



    All assignments are graded on a point system. Points are totaled to determine the grade earned for each grading period. There will plenty of chances to make up grades by the amount of assignments performed on a daily bases. The following scale will be used to grade:


     HW/Classwork       10%
     90%-100% = A
    Tests/Writing          50%  80%-89% = B
     Assessments         40%
    (ISN checks, Projects, etc.) 
     70%-79% = C
       60%-69% = D

    Classroom Guidelines: 

    During the course of the year, it is expected that students abide by the rules listed in the student handbook for Canyon Springs. In addition to the rules presented in the student handbook, students will be expected to follow the rules and procedures expected in this class.


    1. Come into class quietly and be prepared to learn.
    2. Follow directions the first time they are given.
    3. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
    4. Stay seated unless directed otherwise.
    5. Respect each person netter than you wished to be treated.