*Wednesday, Aug. 7th
    1.  Retrieve the following handouts from the back 3-4H tray:  Attitude, Canvas Policy with ELA 3-4H Info. on back, and Syllabus/3-4H/Video Permission signature form (these handouts are also posted in Canvas - Resources module). 
    2.  View 3-4H Day 1 slide show in Canvas - Resources module.  This slide show goes with the ELA 3-4H Info. handout; if there is a picture of a highlighter next to something on the slide show, highlight that portion of the handout.  Please ask if you have any questions regarding the ELA 3-4H Info. handout OR the information presented in the slide show.
    3.  Note:  Summer Work is due this Friday, 8/9; we will discuss how to submit your summer work in class tomorrow/Thursday.
    *Thursday, Aug. 8th
    1.  Access How to Submit Summer Work slide show in Canvas - 1984 module.  We discussed this today; summer work (Annotations, Graphic Rrganizer, and Microtheme) - due tomorrow to Canvas by 7:30 AM!
    2.  Access 3-4H Day 2 Intro. slide show in Canvas - Resources module.  Ask another student or Mrs. Bondi regarding what to highlight on Canvas Policy handout.  The Canvas Policy Agreement Assign. ("I have read this") is due Monday, 8/12.
    3.  Show and Tell symbolic object is due tomorrow in class (see above Day 2 slide show - slide 6 - for instructions).
    4.  Signed signature sheet for Syllabus/3-4H Info. and Video Permission is due tomorrow in class! 
    *Friday, Aug. 9th
    1.  Turn in signed Signature Sheet for Syllabus/3-4H Info./Video Permission to the front make-up tray upon your return to class. +10 s/l
    2.  Show & Tell Symbolic Object Activity in small groups; to make up points for this activity, email Mrs. Bondi explaining what your symbolic object is and why it represents who you are (you may also share this with your table group if you'd like). +10 s/l
    3.  We had "chat time" to discuss any summer work submission issues at the end of the period.  Please email Mrs. Bondi if you have any concerns.
    4.  Reminder:  Canvas Policy Agreement Assign. is due Mon., 8/12 by 7:30 AM in Canvas!

    *Monday, Aug. 12th
    1.  Retrieve AP Rubric, Responding to the Text, and Socratic Seminar handouts in the back 3-4H tray.  Ask a peer what to highlight on these handouts (we will look at the AP Rubric another time; make sure you understand ALL of the information on the other two handouts for our first Socratic Seminar this Friday, 8/16).
    2.  See Mrs. Bondi to receive your Fall Partners.
    3.  Access 2019 Socratic Seminar slide show in Canvas - 1984 module.  Please ask if you have any questions regarding these slides. 
    4.  Reminder:  1984/Carr Test is tomorrow!  40 multiple choice questions!  1984 Timed Write is Wednesday.
    *Tuesday, Aug. 13th
    1.  Make an appointment with Mrs. Bondi upon your return to make up 1984/Carr Test. +40r
    2.  Reminders:  1984 Timed Write Pretest is tomorrow, think of someone who has inspired you for an activity Thursday, & Socratic Seminar Prep is due to Canvas this Friday by 7:30 AM.
    *Wednesday, Aug. 14th
    1.  Make an appointment with Mrs. Bondi upon your return to class to make up the 1984 Timed Write Pretest. +10w
    2.  Reminders:  think of someone who has inspired you; what did he/she do to make your life better?  Also, Socratic Seminar Prep is due to Canvas this Friday by 7:30 AM. 
    *Thursday, Aug. 15th
    1.  Please access Mom Letter in Canvas - Resources module; this is the letter I wrote and shared with my mother before she passed.  One of our AzCCRS is to write informative text to convey information clearly, develop your ideas with specific examples, and provide a concluding statement.  Today students did this and wrote a letter to someone who had inspired them.  Please bring your letter to class upon your return, and we can discuss next steps. :) +15
    *Friday, Aug. 16th
    1.  We had Day 1 of our Socratic Seminar!  If absent today, you will have an opportunity to make up your points on Monday. +18 s/l

    *Monday, Aug. 19th
    1. If you were absent today and did NOT receive full points for your 1984 Socratic Seminar Participation on Friday, access 1984 Socratic Seminar Make-up posted in Canvas - 1984 module.  If you did not have any tally marks, please answer all 5 of your questions; if you had one tally mark, answer 4 of your questions; and if you had two tally marks, answer 3 of your questions (you may email Mrs. Bondi to ask how many tally marks you had if you are not sure). +18 s/l
    2.  Access 1984 Socratic Seminar Reflection 1 in Canvas - 1984 module for instructions on this first reflection.  If you were absent both days you may base your discussion/reflection on the information you gleaned from your article, and what you would like to do for our next Socratic Seminar since you did not participate in this one.
    3.  1984/Carr Test, Annotations, & Graphic Organizers are in PowerSchool! We will discuss them all (including Microthemes) this week with student samples for Summer Work!