All assignments, quizzes, tests and classroom annoucements/updates can be found in Canvas. All coursework will be published weekly and will be available Monday morning. Students should check Canvas for further details.

    Canvas can be accessed following this link: https://dvusd.instructure.com/


    The following are some instructions for parents on how to become a Canvas Parent Observer:


    • In order to monitor student work and progress within Canvas, a parent/guardian is able to access their own account, allowing them to see nearly all the student sees. Here is a few steps on gaining access:
    • Open “Parent of Canvas User? Click Here for an Account” (Found in top right corner of login box)
    • Fill out the Parent Signup Information
    • You must get the pairing code from your student (See below)
    • Agree to terms and press “Start Participating”.
    • How to get a Student Canvas Pairing Code:
    • Student logs into Canvas Account
    • Click “Account”
    • Click “Settings”
    • Click “Pair with Observer”