• In Social Studies we work to help create literate and well informed citizens, who actively participate in a democratic society. West Wing is working to create an appreciation of the world around us, by challenging today's student to achieve excellence through strong academics, athletics, and the arts. We want to help make students aware and develop conversational and philosophical knowledge of history and how it relates to us and what we will become.

    Social Studies is the part of the school curriculum that employs the facts, concepts, generalizations, and skills of history and the social sciences to promote responsible citizenship. Through the study of history, past events and decisions are examined critically and assessed according to their importance for the present and future. The social sciences (history, anthropology, economics, geography, political science, psychology, and sociology) serve as vehicles for studying human behavior in various settings. Combined in a social studies curriculum, the study of history and the social sciences encourages critical thinking, problem solving, and a commitment to human dignity.

    Our goal is to meet or exceed the 7th Grade Social Studies Standards, so that we are career and college ready for the future