Read180 students are expected to Login and complete 60 minutes of Read180 software per week, following the A/B schedule for rotations if possible. We are tracking READ180 student usage and progress to Proficiency. Individual progress will be used to help determine next steps for needed support, as students move on to the next grade level. Please, reach out to me with questions,check-ins, and celebrations! kathryn.bridgewater@dvusd.org

    Students will continue to login to READ180 using the DVUSD start up page and selecting SAM ACCESS. They will continue to use the same user name and password, just as they did in the classroom.



    Mrs. Bridgewater



    Many parents ask how else can they help their children at home ,be more  successful readers.

    A Few Tips for Creating Lifelong Readers

    Promote Reading in your home. Set aside at least 20 minutes every day for your child to read. Your child might enjoy doing this while you prepare dinner or driving in the car. Show your child that you value reading by filling your home with books, magazines and newspapers. Cut out articles, send emails or look through a dictionary together to explore new vocabulary. Institute a designated reading time for the whole family. Turn off the electronics and show your child that you can also read for pleasure. Let children read to you, a sibling, stuffed animal or even a pet!