• Many parents ask how can they help their children at home be more  successful readers.

    A Few Tips for Creating Lifelong Readers

    Promote Reading in your home. Set aside at least 20 minutes every day for your child to read. Your child might enjoy doing this while you prepare dinner or driving in the car. Show your child that you value reading by filling your home with books, magazines and newspapers. Cut out articles, send emails or look through a dictionary together to explore new vocabulary. Institute a designated reading time for the whole family. Turn off the electronics and show your child that you can also read for pleasure. Let children read to each other in your family.

    Reading at Home with READ180

    ** Quarter 3 & 4 :eReads Steps to Excellence

    1.     To begin using eReads, students must complete the first software segment success zone at school.

    2.     Students will pull the eRead leveled QuickWrite that matches the current software topic they are working on in R180.

    3.     If there is Internet access at home: The student will take home their personal eRead folder complete with an eRead Reading Log and Leveled QuickWrite. If there is no Internet access at home:  The student will obtain a printed copy of the eRead, from the teacher, in addition to the eRead Reading Log and Leveled QuickWrite. At home: All students are responsible to read the eRead. (if on the Internet, complete the interactive portion.) The expectation is that all students will complete the Writing Focus prompt per eRead title.

    4.     The folder and completed QuickWrite will be returned to the teacher prior to taking the SRC quiz during R180.

    5.     Upon successful completion of the quiz, the student may then take their folder home and proceed to the next title.

     6.      QuickWrite organizers will be turned in with the completion of the eRead segment BEFORE moving on.