Course Description: Career Action Labs (Health Science Careers: Paxton Patterson)


    The Career Action Lab program is designed as a complete learning system, including customizable multimedia curriculum, Activity References, equipment, supplies, and a Content Learning Management System (LMS).


    Five of the top ten projected jobs by demand for the next decade are Healthcare specific fields. That's one reason Paxton/Patterson developed Health Science Careers to address a wide range of careers and skills that will attract more students to this Health Science program. Additionally, students that are able to get hands-on experience doing the tasks common to each career are more likely to choose a career that fits their interests and aptitudes best.


    Paxton Patterson Health Science Career (HSC) Programs prepares Hillcrest Middle School students for careers related to medicine, nursing, and health science programs - from Biomedical Engineering to Veterinary Medicine.


    Course Highlights:


    The Hillcrest Career Action Labs program is module based. Students will participate in 4 of the 9 modules offered during the semester long class and 2 of the 9 during the quarter long class:


    Biomedical Engineering, Dentistry, Emergency Medical Technician, Forensics,

    Medical Imaging, Nursing, Sports Medicine, Therapeutic Services & Veterinary Medicine


    If you or someone you know works in a career related to the above modules, we would appreciate having you as a guest speaker. Please contact Mrs. Brookins at Lori.Brookins@dvusd.org 



    Arizona College and Career Ready Standards:



    Grading is based on active daily participation in group & individual activities (20 points per week), worksheets & written assignments (4 points each) and checkpoint tests (40 & 80 points) of their assigned modules. Access current grades by logging into ps.dvusd.org or using the PowerSchool app. Each student has access to the Learning Management System (LMS) from any computer with internet access. Log on to lms.paxpat.com while using CHROME for access. Students will log on using their username and password.



    Grading Scale:

    100-90% = A

    89-80% = B

    79-70% = C

    69-60% = D

    59% and below = F




    MTSS/RTI – B:  Response to intervention- behavior (The HMS School-wide Prevention Program)


    Our Progressive discipline is based on the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) Response to Intervention-Behavior (RTI-B)

    Students are expected to conduct themselves in a proper manner at all times.  Specific guidelines are outlined in the DVUSD Student Rights and Responsibility (SR&R) Handbook.  The school rules apply coming to school, going home from school, and at all school-sponsored events.  General misbehavior is handled by the classroom teacher in the following manner:


    Progressive Behavior Interventions:


    Step 1:  Universal Interventions (Warnings/Redirection)

    Step 2:  1st Minor Incident Report with Interventions

    Step 3:  2nd Minor Incident Report with Interventions and Parent Email

    Step 4:  3rd Minor Incident Report with Interventions and Parent Phone Call

    Step 5:  Major Behavioral ReferralC


    Consequences for inappropriate behavior will be given according to the DVUSD discipline guidelines as outlined in the Student Rights and Responsibility (SRR) Handbook.


    It is our hope that your child will enjoy a positive experience in the Exploratory classes here at Hillcrest. Your support and encouragement in this endeavor is greatly appreciated.



    Lori Brookins (Career Action Labs I and II                                                     (623) 376-3332                                                Lori.Brookins@dvusd.org



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