• Middle School online BAND special area schedule.        9:30-10:00 AM
    MONDAY                   TUESDAY                     WEDNESDAY                   THURSDAY               FRIDAY
     OFFICE HOURS         LIVE LESSON               OFFICE HOURS                LIVE LESSON          OFFICE HOURS         
     on ZOOM                   on ZOOM                        on Zoom                          on Zoom                  on ZOOM
    1:30-3:30 PM WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY 
    EXPLORATORY time where you can complete your daily coursework online independently. 
      I will be available for small group work OR one on one if you need me. THINK PRIVATE LESSON.
     This is where we can work on parts for specific instruments or you can do a duet with your friends and
     I will sit in on ZOOM and work with you. YOU WILL JUST NEED TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH ME.
     2:15-3:30 PM MONDAY & TUESDAY   
    I am teaching 2 classes of 1st grade music this year, so on these days I am available after 2:15 pm
    *Attendance will be taken in all of the live Lessons on ZOOM and students are expected to attend.
    * Students are expected to complete their daily coursework for band whether there is a live lesson or not. If there is not a live lesson there will be 
    videos or instructions on CANVAS. It will be mostly practicing your instrument.