• Week 5 -- we are halfway there!

    Posted by Caryn Kunz on 8/31/2020

    Happy 5th week of school! I am so impressed with the students, as we enter week 5. The attendance and participation in remote learning has been simply amazing. Thank you to all who come to class regularly and submit their assignments. I am so eager to return to the classroom and hear you in person! 

    Just a few things as we continue our online adventure. Grades are being input as a 50% if they are missing. I will not assign any 0% during our online learning. Students have until September 30 to submit any late or missing work. They are also able to re-submit work for a higher score if they choose! 

    Students must be visible in Zoom meetings, meaning cameras should be on. In a band setting, I cannot hear what they are all playing, but I can see basic posture, embouchure and finger placements which will help me assist them during remote learning. If we were in person, there is no option to turn your camera off, so we need cameras on! 

    Please be on time to class. Middle school percussion starts at 8:45am; Middle school winds start at 9:30am; 6th grade starts at 11am; 4th grade at 12:15pm. Please ensure timeliness as the beginning of class holds much important information. 

    Thank you all so much for a successful first 4 weeks. I am so excited to keep this momentum going to finish out our first quarter!

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    Posted by Caryn Kunz on 7/28/2020

    I wanted to update you all, should you be reading this. Our district office has moved the DVOA (online academy) to on site, meaning students may now participate in both band and choir. We are SO excited for this to be offered, as we realize many enrolled will eventually return to campus. 

    I will be email by tomorrow (Wednesday) regarding what band is going to look like during quarter 1. Stay tuned and get excited!!

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  • Upcoming School Year

    Posted by Caryn Kunz on 7/22/2020

    Greetings to all. I hope you had a somewhat relaxing summer. 

    The school year is nearly upon us and I wanted to take a moment to let you know what I currently know. 

    1.  We will be online through at least October 9.
    2.  The structure of this online adventure is shaping up to be a much better experience than many of us had in the spring. 
      • Utilization of Canvas for all lessons. 
    3.  We do not have a finalized schedule as of this posting, but I expect ONE contact per week for all band students. We will potentially have two for middle school students.
    4.  Students in middle school band and are wind players do NOT need to purchase a book as of yet. I am still finalizing a book for percussion. 

    I am getting really excited for the possibilities this year is going to present to us as we enter the online realm with a little more preparation time. 

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: If your child enrolls in the Deer Valley Online Academy, which is a yearlong program so they are not planning on returning to campus when we reopen... I apologize, but you are not eligible to participate in band this year. Band and choir are not being offered through the Deer Valley Online Academy. If and when your child returns to campus, we welcome them back to our band program with open arms and warm hearts!

    As schedules and finalized, I will be sending a formal email to all families regarding band this year. If you need a rental from Milano Music, this is still available to you. I would recommend asking if they can deliver to your house.

    School owned instruments will be ready for pick up by the end of next week. We are currently working on a campus plan to distribute these items to you. Remember, all of our instruments were professionally cleaned at the end of last year (thank you to our amazing adminstration team!).

    Looking forward to "seeing" you all soon! 

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  • How are we doing?

    Posted by Caryn Kunz on 4/30/2020

    I hope this message finds everyone doing well. I miss hearing the music we make together, but have very much enjoyed the uploaded instrumental sounds! It seems as though everyone has the swing of things at this point, as less questions are coming in. If you have questions, please email caryn.kunz@dvusd.org. If I do not respond by the next day, it is not intentional, please resend me your message. 

    Do you have a school owned instrument out right now? I am in the process of working with administration to devise a return plan. We are currently looking at the week of May 18. This year, ALL school owned instruments will need to be returned to Sunset Ridge. There are no exceptions this year. 

    All assignments are being posted on Announcements of Canvas (for 7/8), Google Classroom (4-6) and our band website under Remote Learning (2, 4-8). I am posting in numerous places so that you may use whatever is easiest for you!! 

    Hoping you are all safe and healthy. 

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  • SmartMusic Help/Tutorial

    Posted by Caryn Kunz on 4/21/2020

    Hi everyone!

    I have gotten many questions about using SmartMusic, so wanted to resend you information. There are tutorials posted on this band website under Student Resources and Parent Resources, but why not post here for easy access? =) The number one thing being asked is about passwords. If you need a password reset, you need to call SmartMusic directly (number on previous blog post). I, unfortuntely, do not have access to your password information. 

    This video also shows how to submit an assignment, so if you have any questions about that, check it out!

    Click here for 6 minute video: SmartMusic Assistance

    I want to thank you all for taking this journey with the teachers. This is new to everyone and I am so thankful for you asking questions and submitting assignments. I truly am thankful and impressed by your level of commitment. I cannot wait to be back in August! 

    Dr. Caryn Kunz

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  • Update to Remote Learning

    Posted by Caryn Kunz on 4/18/2020

    Dear Parents and Students,

    In an effort to cut down on emails sent to you, I'm going to be posting more in this blog. I probably will need to email you to let you know, but the end goal is to cut back on your email and give you a spot to check if needed. 

    How is remote learning going for you?? This definitely has posed tricky for the band room, but thankfully so many companies have offered free resources to assist. My main goal is for the kids to finish the year playing! I've been trying new things to spark their individual interest. I'd love to get as far as we can in our books and have some fun in the process! I understand it may be tricky at your homes with adults working remotely as well. It may not be ideal for instruments to be playing. Some students have said they have utilized their yards as practice spaces during the day. Some even used their garages! Others are waiting until their parents are done with their daily work to do their band assignments more in the evening. Please know that I understand the challenge yet hope a compromise can be made so the band can play on... even from 100+ different homes. 

    SmartMusic has been both good and bad. If you forget your password, you will need to contact SmartMusic directly. I was given this phone number for help: 866-240-4041. Our learner.dvusd.org accounts do not allow for outside our DVUSD network to email. When logged in, you can enter a back up email. It might be a really good idea to put your parents email address in there! There are several tutorials for SmartMusic posted in Canvas, Google Classroom, and on this website (Student Resources and Parent Resources) to help. Weekly lesson videos may bring up any issues you have brought to my attention. 

    Thinking ahead to next year, students have been contacted via Canvas (7/8) and Google Classroom (6 and soon 5) about their opportunities for next year. There are some new structures to middle school. I made videos for the kids so they could hear about it from me! 5th grade, your what to expect is coming. I'm waiting to see what the schedule will look like. 

    If you need anything, please email: caryn.kunz@dvusd.org

    I know we are all in a weird spot right now of learning really a new way of life. I hope we are all hanging in there and making the best of things. 

    Play on!!

    Dr. Caryn Kunz

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  • Thoughts for our First Week of Remote Learning

    Posted by Caryn Kunz on 4/9/2020

    Greetings everyone!

    As we close out our first week of remote learning, I wanted to post some advise/thoughts... We have not been together in person and playing our instruments since March 13. This is nearly 3.5 weeks of not playing instruments. Our instruments are muscular based and not doing something for 3.5 weeks will result in weakened muscles. As you begin picking your instrument up to continue on our path of learning, it may feel more difficult today than it did the week before Spring Break. That is normal! It is recommended to ease back in. When you start to feel tired in your lips or arms, take a 5 minute break! If you're looking to build the muscles back, the best way is through consistency.... meaning daily practice. If you put in 10 minutes 5x per week, you'll see those muscles start to come back. You can then lengthen your practice sessions the next week if needed!

    Thoughts for the week! It's been fun to see many of you on Zoom. Hoping to see more of you as we continue our remote learning!

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  • Checking in...

    Posted by Caryn Kunz on 4/1/2020

    Greetings to everyone! 

    I just wanted to drop a note and say how much each of you are missed right now. My house is SOOOO quiet compared to our band room. I miss warming up with you and creating music with you. 

    I have been getting questions regarding instruments. Although we will not be meeting in person, we will continue learning this year. The next two weeks we will be taking it easy and reviewing. Instruments will be needed through the end of the regular scheduled end of school. More information on school owned instrument cleaning and return will come late April. 

    We now have a Covid-19 Remote E-Learning tab for our website. Please take a moment to visit that if you have nto already. Schedules for students to visit office hours are listed. Students can always email me or Instagram me! caryn.kunz@dvusd.org or Instagram @sridgeband. 

    I am eager to see where this online adventure will take us! Please feel free to reach out with questions, comments, or concerns. 

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  • Instrument Cleaning Info

    Posted by Caryn Kunz on 3/22/2020

    As we enter our extended break and whatever that may bring, it is important to clean those instruments. ALL brass need to be given baths. Should you need snakes or oils, I may have some available for check out, though district has not set a date I am able to go back to school. 

    Please consult carefully the instrument care/maintenance tab on our website. I have included video tutorials that are invaluable during these times, showing you exactly what to do for your instruments. Brass need baths (never use HOT water... only LUKEWARM) while woodwinds need mouthpiece/headjoint cleaning and body wipes. Never, ever get the body of a woodwind (where all the keys are) wet. The pads will be destroyed by water. 

    All students 6th grade and up have been talked to and shown through the years how to maintain their instruments. 5th grade has not been shown bathing their brass. 

    I will be in touch in the coming days with instructions for continued learning. Missing everyone! Stay safe and healthy!

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  • Pop Up Shop Information

    Posted by Caryn Kunz on 7/29/2019

    Milano Music will be hosting a pop-up shop on Meet the Teacher Night (August 5th). Please follow this link for pricing: Pop Up Shop 2019

    Items can be purchased on the spot. Some may be on hand that night, while some may need to be delivered. 

    Wondering about what exactly is needed for your student? Click here: Band Supply List 2019

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  • There are no upcoming events to display.