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    Math 8 Course Syllabus

    Math 8 Course Syllabus

    Hillcrest Middle School


    Instructor:  Mrs. Stephanie Solano

    Phone:  623-376-3359

    Room: 503

    E-mail: stephanie.solano@dvusd.org

    Website: www.dvusd.org/hm-solano

    District Curriculum:  8th Grade Illustrative Mathematics


    Objectives:  Students will solve problems in the areas of the Number System, Expressions and Equations, Functions, Geometry, and Statistics and Probability.   Problem solving skills and math vocabulary will be used in all areas.  All instruction will be based on Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards which are accessible at http://www.azed.gov/standards-practices/k-12standards/mathematics-standards/. Each day will begin with a review of the previous day’s materials and other review material that is required for the current day’s lesson.  The teacher will monitor and adjust the length of each lesson based on the overall understanding demonstrated by the students.


    Suggested Supplies: 1 in (or larger) 3 ring binder, several pencils, lead (if using mechanical pencils), whiteboard Expo markers (4-8 for the year), eraser, graph paper, tracing paper, scientific calculator or TI-84, Clorox wipes, and tissue.


    Arizona law requires that public schools provide supplies required for academic success.  This list represents optional, supplementary items which you may supply at your discretion.  If you have questions, feel free to contact the school.


    Grading Policy: Grades will be weighted as follows:


                                Assessments = 65%

                                Classwork = 30%

                                Homework = 5%


    Students will receive the following grades based on the percentage earned:

                                 A = 90% - 100%

                                 B = 80% - 89%

                                 C = 70% - 79%

                                 D = 60% - 69%

                                 F = 0%   - 59%


    Cheating of any kind will result in a zero for that quiz or assessment.  Students will take an assessment at the end of each unit.  Students will not be allowed to use notes or assignments on assessments.


    Assignments:  Assignments will be given on a regular basis. If work time is provided in class, students are expected to use that time to work on the assignment.  Students are also expected to complete work in pencil, complete all assigned problems, and show all work as demonstrated in class.  Students will work with their partners/team members on assignments to ensure understanding and accuracy of work.  Students will be able to use completed assignments on quizzes.  Late assignments will not be accepted for credit unless there is an excused absence.  Lesson plans can be found at http://www.dvusd.org/hm-solano.


    Quizzes:  Quizzes will be given periodically during a unit to check for understanding.  Students may use all notes and assignments as a resource on the quiz. Quizzes will not have a retake opportunity.


    Retake Policy:  Students will be given one opportunity to retake each test, provided they made a valid attempt on the original test.  In order to retake a test, the student must correct each problem missed on the test and complete a “Retake Form”.  The Retake Form must be signed by a Hillcrest math teacher who helped the student or by the parent verifying that the student did extra practice at home to prepare for the retake.  Only those sections missed on the original test will be completed on the retest.  The deadline for retakes will be 2 weeks after the original assessment is returned.  We are available for extra assistance during AP time or by appointment before and after school.


    Classroom Expectations:  6 Ps for Success

    1. Prompt – Be on time for class every day. Your learning begins as soon as you enter the room
    2. Prepared – Come prepared to class every day. Bring all materials necessary for class.
    3. Participate – Offer ideas, ask questions, and get involved in the day’s lesson.
    4. Produce: Do the work.  Turn in all of your assignments.
    5. Polite – Raise your hand and wait your turn when you need to speak. Listen when others are speaking.
    6. Positive Mental Attitude – Remember, learning any new thing can be difficult at first but keep trying and you will see results.




    (The HMS School-Wide Prevention Program)


    Our progressive discipline is based on the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) Response to Intervention – Behavior (RTI-B) program.


    Students are expected to conduct themselves in a proper manner at all times.  Specific guidelines are outlined in the DVUSD Student Rights and Responsibility (SR & R) Handbook.  The school rules apply coming to school, going home from school, and at all school-sponsored events.  General misbehavior is handled by the classroom teacher in the following manner:



    Step 1: Universal Interventions (Warning/Redirection)

    Step 2: 1st Minor Incident Report with Interventions

    Step 3: 2nd Minor Incident Report with Interventions and Parent Email

    Step 4: 3rd Minor Incident Report with Interventions and Parent Phone Call

    Step 5: Major Behavior Referral


    Consequences for inappropriate behavior will be given according to the DVUSD discipline guidelines as outlined in the Student Rights and Responsibility (SR & R) Handbook.


    Make-up Work and Extra Credit: It is the student’s responsibility to make up all work missed due to an absence.  This includes getting the notes from another student and completing assignments missed.  Assignments are listed on teacher website at http://www.dvusd.org/hm-solano.  No extra credit will be given at any time during the year.



    • When you arrive at the classroom, line up outside the door against the wall and wait for us to let the class in.
    • When the bell rings, you must be in your seat.  Begin the Warm Up.  Have homework out from the previous day so that it may be checked.
    • Students may get a tissue, throw away trash, or sharpen a pencil at any time when the teacher is not giving direct instruction.
    • Students will be dismissed by a teacher not the bell.  The bell signals that class is over, but does not mean that students are excused to leave the room.


    Cell Phones:  Cell phones are not to be used for any reason in the classroom.  Phones are to be in the student’s backpack, stored on the side of the classroom. 

    • 1st offense: Phone is stored with Mrs. Solano until the end of class.  Email home.
    • 2nd offense: Phone is stored with Mrs. Solano until the end of the day.  Email home.
    • 3rd offense: Phone is stored in the office for PARENT/GUARDIAN ONLY to pick up after school.  Email home.


    Communication:  Email is the best way to reach me.  I’m also happy to meet face to face by appointment.


    I look forward to an extraordinary Year!