• What is Read 180?

    “Read 180 is an intensive reading intervention program designed to meet the needs of students who are reading below grade level.  The program directly addresses individual needs through adaptive instructional software, high-interest fiction and nonfiction, and direct instruction in reading and writing skills.”

    Read 180 is a district-wide reading program designed by Scholastic that is being implemented in ALL DVUSD schools.  It is broken down into three stages: Stage A for upper elementary students, Stage B for middle school students, and Stage C for high school students.  Whether your student is a little behind their peers or several years behind, they will benefit from Read 180.

    How did my child get selected for Read 180?

    In order to qualify for the program, students need to score below proficient on the Read 180 assessment.  Also taken into consideration are students’ AASA scores.  If they scored Falls Far Below or Approaches.   These methods are meant to identify potential struggling readers.

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