•  bobcat   The Bobcat Club bobcat

       This club is for students who are looking to increase their knowledge by mastering the Bobcat challengeThis is not a mandatory assignment.
    • You will need a 1 inch or smaller 3-ring binder and wide rule notebook paper.                                 
    • Pick a question you would like to find the answer to.  Then research the answer.                          
    • Be sure to write the #, question and answer in your Bobcat Challenge Notebook.
    • Turn in your notebook after completion of each metal.
    For each question that is answered and explained correctly you will receive one point. 
     A certificate and a treat will be awarded after completion of each metal. (Bronze, Silver, Gold) 
                                                 star  star  star  star  star  star  star  star star  
    1. Name 15 Arizona cities and name the county where they are located.
    2. Name 10 famous Arizonans and tell why they are famous.
    3. Name the 7 continents and the 5 oceans.
    4. Tell why there is now a "Southern Ocean".
    5. Name the states that border the Atlantic Ocean.
    6. Name the states that border the Pacific Ocean.
    7. Name the states that border Arizona and state their direction (N-S-E-W)
    8. Name 10 rivers in the United States and draw a "rough" map showing their location.
    9. Name all 50 states and their capitals.
    10. Name 10 countries in Europe and their capitals.
    11. Name 10 countries in Africa and their capitals.
    12. Name 10 countries in Asia and their capitals.
    13. List the abbreviations for each of the 50 states.
    14. Name the 1st - 15th presidents in numerical order.
    15. Name the 16th - 30th presidents in numerical order.
    16. Name the 30th - 44th presidents in numerical order.
    17. Write a paragraph about our President. Use a minimum of 5 details.
    18. Write a paragraph about China. Use a minimum of 5 details.
    19. Write a  paragraph about Egypt. Use a minimum of 5 details.
    20. Write a  paragraph about George Washington. Use a minimum of 5 details.
    21. Write a  paragraph about Thomas Jefferson. Use a minimum of 5 details.
    22. Write a  paragraph about Ben Franklin. Use a minimum of 5 details.
    23. Write a  paragraph about Abraham Lincoln. Use a minimum of 5 details.
    24. Write a  paragraph about Martin Luther King Jr. Use a minimum of 5 details.
    25. Write a  paragraph about Susan B. Anthony. Use a minimum of 5 details.
    26. What is Arizona's state bird, flower, tree, song and capital? Write a report.
    27. Make a tree map about 5 Native American tribes of your choice. Give 3 facts about each tribe.
    28. Write a paragraph about what makes a good citizen. 
    29. List 5 goods and 5 services.  Be sure to tell what makes each one a good or service.
    30. Make a tree map with 4 Human Resources, 3 Natural Resources and 3 Capital Resources.
        31. Write the Roman Numerials to 100.
        32. Draw lines of symmetry for all capital letters in the alphabet.
        33. Write 25 addition problems with answers.
        34. Write 25 subtraction problems with answers.
        35. Write 10 Fact Families.
        36. Write the multiplication facts for 2's, 5's and 10's.
        37. Draw the amounts of money using coins: $.79, $.43, $1.85, $1.99 and $2.75.
        38. Neatly draw and label 12 different shapes.
        39. Make an ABBCCC pattern and an ABBCDD pattern.
        40. Write the months of the year in order.  Check your Spelling!
        41. How many cups, pints and quarts are in a gallon?
        42. Write 5 word problems with answers.  Show your figuring.
        43. Name 10 common and 10 proper nouns.
        44. Name 15 verbs.
        45. Name 15 adverbs.
        46. Name 15 adjectives.
        47. Name 10 famous authors and a book they wrote.
        48. List 10 contractions with the 2 words they stand for.
        49. List 5 pairs of antonyms and 5 pairs of synonyms.
        50. Name 10 compound words and draw a picture for each word.
        51. Write 5 sentences about your favorite animal.
        52. Write 5 sentences about a trip you went on.
        53. Name 15 kinds of fish.
        54. Name 15 marine creatures.
        55. Name 15 types of birds.
        56. Name 10 reptiles.  
        57. Name 10 dinosaurs.
        58. Name 5 facts about magnets
        59. Name 10 organs in the human body.
        60. Name the colors in the rainbow in order.
        61. Name 15 mammals.
        62. Name the planets in order from the sun.
        63. Draw and label a picture of the water cycle.
        64. Name 8 types of clouds.
        65. Name 10 omnivores.
        66. Name 10 carnivores.
        67. Name 10 herbivores.
        68. Watch the moon for 7 days and draw what it looks like each night.
        69. Write down the high and low temperatures for 7 days.
        70. Write 5 solids, liquids and gases.
        71. Draw a label the life cycle of a frog.
        72. Draw and label the life cycle of a butterfly.
        73. Draw a tree in all 4 seasons.
        74. Write 15 things that come from plants.
        75. Name the birthstones for each month.
        76. Name 10 breeds of cats.
        77. Name 10 breeds of dogs.
        78. Write 15 summer and 15 winter Olympic events.
        79. Name 10 instruments in a marching band.
        80. Name 10 football teams and their cities.
        81. Name 10 baseball teams and their cities.
        82. Name 10 basketball teams and their cities.
        83. Name 10 hockey teams and their cities.
        84. Name all the elementary schools in Deer Valley and their mascots.
        85. Name 10 African American inventors and their inventions.
        86. Name 10 Universities and tell where they are located.
        87. Name 10 famous artists and the years they lived.
        88. Name 10 National Parks in the United States and tell where they are located.
        89. Name the 7 Wonders of the World and where they are located.
        90. Name 10 famous US Military Heroes, the branch of service they served and the years they served.
    61-90 points                          31-60 points                             0-30 points