• Links to Help with Class/Home Work Internet Sites for Parents and Children

    The Internet is a great time-saver, if you know where you're going. With the thousands of Web sites on the Internet, helping/teaching your child how to find information can be frustrating. During the summer I did a lot of surfing and found the following sites. I hope you find this page helpful. One word of caution, that due to the rapidly changing Internet, sites can change. 

    Arizona Dept of Ed Family tool kit-So many resources for families related to our standards
    Grade level parent road maps:
    These road maps offer guidance to parents about what their children will be learning and how they can support that learning, in grades K-8. The Parent Roadmaps provide the focus areas for each grade level in mathematics, reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
    ELA Grade level roadmaps:


    Math Grade level roadmaps:


    There is also an Educator toolkit that has many GREAT resources for you!


    http://www.khanacademy.org/ great for math

    http://www.mathgoodies.com/ great for math

    11. http://d/lessons**Learnzillion provides videos of the common core strategies that should be used to teach the Common Core Standards as well as videos with guided practice problems for the students.  Good for Teachers, Parents and Students!

    www.ala.org/parentspage/greatsites/guide.html ALA offers a straightforward introduction to the Internet for Web - amateur parents and children. The same skills needed to negotiate your neighborhood library's shelves and catalogs must be used to surf the net in a meaningful way. 

    www.slj.com/articles/surffor/surfforarchive.asp Reading Gil Junion-Metz's columns on suring the Internet is like have a full-time guide at your side. Her column runs monthly in School Library Journal and back columns are listed by subject. The site listed here will take you to her column archives. Her columns are listed by subject. Favorite Links 

     - Innovative lessons that use a problem-solving approach make this an excellent site for teachers and students. There are lessons dealing with probability, integers, percentages, number theory, circumference, and perimeter, as well as homework help, support for parents and home schooling. You will find some extra material that can be downloaded and used to support you at home. http://www.webmath.com/ - This online math problem solver comes complete with an "online math engine" that can instantly provide answers to the problems presented to you. Select the range of problems you want to work on, and the site will offer questions on that topic. Your child will complete the work and get instant feedback. Topics include practical math, word problems, graphing, fractions, scientific notation, trigonometry, data analysis, and much more. A good selection of problems. 

    http://aplusmath.com This is a great site to get practice worksheets to print along with many math games and card activities for your student to try. 

    http://vocabulary.com Here is a site devoted to building vocabulary and developing better work skills. Please give it a try! The "poets" in tahe reading classes may find the information at this site quite useful. 

    http://gameskidsplay.net Games! Ideas! How to! Games Kids Play is a great site to look up great indoor and outdoor activities for kids. They list MANY different games along with the rules on how to play. Libraries and Research www.ebig.com/ Britannica editors have searched the Web and offer here more than 75,000 sites - rated, reviewed, and classified for your search convenience. www.americastory.gov This is a user-friendly site for the Library of Congress. It's more story and entertainment oriented than the Library of Congress site (www.loc.gov/). 

    www.studyweb.com Here are 68,000 links to education research, sorted according to grade levels, and includes downloadable images for reports and projects, and an excellent subject index. 

    www.metacrawler.com Here is a comprehensive search engine, finding even the most obscure items on the web. It queries almost a dozen other search engines, organizes and ranks the results of relevance. Caution: This is not a search engine for children, so they should not use it unattended. Here are three excellent search sites geared for children, with filters built in to protect them from adult Web sites. Searches with Yahooligans and Searchopolis produce numerous high-quality sites, under category headers. 

    Yahooligans and Ask Jeeves for Kids are geared for 6th-12, while Searchopolis aims at the 14-18 audience, with the results for the latter producing more mature but not offensive material. These sites are followed by two excellent "homework" search sites. www.ajkids.com Ask Jeeves for Kids www.yahooligans.com www.searchopolis.com www.infoplease.com/homework/index.html This site offers a comprehensive list of search categories to homework troubles. www.HomeworkCentral.com This site has an ever larger list of categories for "Kid-friendly" searches. 

    www.alfy.com/ALFY Here's a Web portal that is extremely "kid-friendly," providing access and entry to thousands of safe, child-oriented Web siets. The subjects and contents of the sites have been carefully scrutinized and deemed both safe and user-friendly for children. ALFY is geared for children ages 3-10. This site also includes educational and entertaining games. 

    www.nationalgeographic.com/xpeditions Families looking for a Web site that offers activities that reinforce geography need to look no further than this site. Every other week you'll find a new activity, along with ideas and activities. 

    Websites for Homework Help 
    http://homeworkspot.com Get into the math area and look around. It's an easy site to navigate and contains some awesome resources for all Sage math students. History Channel - This web site provides a link to the History Channel home page. www.historychannel.com 
    NationalGeographic.com - This is to the National Geographic on-line. ww.nationalgeographic.com Fun Brain Games - 
    This web site feature a vast collection of educational drill games. www.funbrain.com/index.html 
    Book Adventure - This site contains references to 3,000 books. It allows students to read books, answer questions, and collect points for prizes. bookadventure.com FamilyEducation.com - 
    This is an extremely interesting web site for parents. familyeducation.com 700+ Great Sites - 
    This site contain information about many subjects. www.ala.org/parentspage/greatsites/amazing.html http://www.actden.com - The main actDEN page is placed here due to its excellent MathDEN site, which requires registration (free) to access. This is a great site, well-constructed with excellent content. There are four stages of problems as well as challenges and progress reports. http://arb.nzcer.org.nz/nzcer3/nzcer.htm - An excellent question bank dealing with all areas of mathematics and at all levels. Register (free) and then use the search eneine to find questions on the topics you desire. 
    Excellent site - even the answers are provided. http://www.eduplace.com/math/brain/ - Here is a selection of challenging matah problems that have been sorted into grade levels. Each weeek a new question is presented, and past questions are archived. http://freeabel.geom.umn.edu/ - This very large site covers just abaout everthing have to do with geometry and geometric structures. There is an abundance of very useful material here for almost all teachers at any level. There are interactive math resources, some good Java applications, plenty of software to download. Great for teachers and students who are looking to supplement or help their geometry understandings.