• Public Speaking

    "There are always three speeches, for every one you actually gave.  The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave." - Dale Carnegie

    Great words from great minds

    Here are some of the greatest speeches of the modern era captured in video. What is it about these speeches that you think made the words or the speaker so compelling to the audience?
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  •  I Have a Dream
    "I Have a Dream" is a 17-minute public speech by Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered on August 28, 1963, in which he called for racial equality and an end to discrimination. The speech, from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, was a defining moment of the American Civil Rights Movement. Delivered to over 200,000 civil rights supporters, the speech was ranked the top American speech of the 20th century by a 1999 poll of scholars of public address.
    According to U.S. Representative John Lewis, who also spoke that day as the President of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, "Dr. King had the power, the ability, and the capacity to transform those steps on the Lincoln Memorial into a monumental area that will forever be recognized. By speaking the way he did, he educated, he inspired, he informed not just the people there, but people throughout America and unborn generations."

    This is only a snippet of the most famous section of this speech. To see and hear the complete version, click here to visit YouTube. 

  • Do You Believe in Me?
    You can be young and still speak with confidence and conviction. 
  •  Want to be Inspired?
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  • Mind and Body Control
    Memorization of a speech is often only half of your job.  Movement of body is a large part of performance.