2020-2021 Supply List

  • For now:
    Suggested Virtual Learning Supply List: This is a suggested list for supplies as we start our virtul learning.
    • Personal size white board
    • White board marker
    • Crayons
    • Pencils
    • A quiet work space


    For later:

    Classroom Supplies - Mrs. Wheeler's class

    We would like to welcome everyone to First Grade! We are looking forward to an exciting and rewarding year. 

    The following is a suggested list of supplies that would be helpful to have in our school community.  These supplies are not mandatory for your child to have; however, if you would like to donate any of them it would be greatly appreciated.  

    1 pencil box- labeled with student's name, with:

    • 2 sharpened pencils
    • 1 glue stick
    • 1 pair of scissors
    • 24 count box of crayons

    1 pair of headphones in ziplock bag- labeled with student's name


    The rest of these items will be community shared supplies.  Do not write your child’s name on the items listed below, as these items will be shared with the whole class.

    3 Composition notebooks, wide ruled

    plastic two pocket folders, different colors- with prongs (with no words or pictures on them)

    1 package of black Expo dry erase markers- fine point 

    2 glue sticks

    1 package of markers

    1 box of colored pencils

    1 package of multi-colored highlighters 

    1 ream of white copy paper

    1 ream of white or colored cardstock

    1 package of sharpened pencils

    Boys- 1 package of gallon sized ziplock bags

    Girls- 1 package of sandwich sized ziplock bags

    **Please- no backpacks on wheels**

    Kleenex, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, and paper towels were removed from the list because they are hard to find right now!  As they come back into the stores, they will always be welcome! 


    Thank you! 

    Mrs. Wheeler – kathy.wheeler@dvusd.org

                **Arizona law requires that public schools provide supplies required for academic success.  This list represents optional, supplementary items which you may supply, at your discretion.  If you have questions, feel free to contact the school.