• For at at home resource I have placed links to all the EngageNY math modules for each grade level (remember that each SAGE level is one level about-3rd graders use the 4th grade and so on).  This is just for a resource and it is not the most user friendly for parents/students, but I thought it is better to have something to go to when needed.  If also have an overview page to show parents where the unit of study will be going.
    Please be aware that we will not be going through the program lesson by lesson, but the end results are what we are aiming for.  Many of the homework assignments will come out of this program so you can match them with the lesson.
    The best resource for students is to come to me when they have a problem and we can talk through it. Remember there is no penalty for incorrect answers on homework and please do not feel when your child has difficulties you must struggle through them.  That is my job.
    Follow the links to find all the resources available.  There are overviews, entire module, and topic sections. Remember except for my links to EngageNy go one grade level up if looking for resources for classroom concepts.
    These are the pages that students have in their spiral notebook.
    Also included in this link:  Videos, at home activities, and parent guides.
    Use this link for 1-2 page handouts for each Topic in 4th and 5th Eureka Math (for 3rd and 4th) (awesome resource).
    Khan Academy:  This link provides high level problems solving related to each of the domains in math.  Click the links, then choose the grade level and then at the left choose the correct concept domain. 

    Link for 3th grade (4th) Eureka  

    Math is Fun Interactive Math Dictionary:  Visual and interactive definitions for all levels of math.

5th and 6th Grade

  • Illustrative Math

    Use this link to access all the materials for the math program for 5th and 6th grade.  For 5th grade select 6th grade and for 6th grade select 7th grade.  If students forget or misplace homework it can be accessed under "students."