• Drawing Activity

    Fold your paper each way once.  You now should have 8 sections (4 on front and 4 on back)

    For each section draw a quick picture answering the questions below. 

    Use stick figures for people and animals.  Use narrating bubble to give a better understanding about what is going on in the picture.


    1. What is one thing that you have achieved?

    2. What is one goal to accomplish in your life (Not Career Related)?

    3. How do you think others view you?

    4. When you first meet somebody, how do you know that you could be friends?

    5. What is one thing that you own that is important to you?

    6. What is more important to you, money or friendship?

    7. If you became the president, what would be the first thing you would want to work on?

    8. If you could use only one word to describe you, what would it be (No picture required)






    Prompts for Programming Language Power Point/Google Slide


    Who created the language? 

    Where are they from ?

    When did they create it?

    What is it used for?

    Can you find anything popular that was created with that language?

    Is the language easy to learn?



    Include pictures of:

    What the language looks like.

    A logo for the language.


Copy this code into Notepad and save as HTML file

  • <HTML>
    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"><!--
    gallows = new Array("--------\n|      |\n|\n|\n|\n|\n=====",
    "--------\n|      O\n|\n|\n|\n|\n=====",
    "--------\n|      O\n|      |\n|\n|\n|\n=====",
    "--------\n|      O\n|     \\|\n|\n|\n|\n=====",
    "--------\n|      O\n|     \\|/\n|\n|\n|\n=====",
    "--------\n|      O\n|     \\|/\n|      |\n|\n|\n=====",
    "--------\n|      O\n|     \\|/\n|      |\n|     /\n|\n=====",
    "--------\n|      O\n|     \\|/\n|      |\n|     / \\\n|\n=====")
    guessChoices = new
    function startAgain() {
     guesses = 0
     max = gallows.length-1
     guessed = " "
     len = guessChoices.length - 1
     toGuess = guessChoices[Math.round(len*Math.random())].toUpperCase()
    function stayAway() {
     alert("Don't mess with this form element!")
    function displayHangman() {
    function displayToGuess() {
     for(i=0;i<toGuess.length;++i) {
      if(guessed.indexOf(toGuess.charAt(i)) != -1)
       pattern += (toGuess.charAt(i)+" ")
      else pattern += "_ "
    function displayGuessed() {
    function badGuess(s) {
     if(toGuess.indexOf(s) == -1) return true
     return false
    function winner() {
     for(i=0;i<toGuess.length;++i) {
      if(guessed.indexOf(toGuess.charAt(i)) == -1) return false
     return true
    function guess(s){
     if(guessed.indexOf(s) == -1) guessed = s + guessed
     if(badGuess(s)) ++guesses
     if(guesses >= max){
     alert("You're dead. The word you missed was "+toGuess+".")
     if(winner()) {
      alert("You won!")
    // --></SCRIPT>
    <FORM NAME="game">
    <TEXTAREA NAME="status" ROWS="7" COLS="16"
    <INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="toGuess"
     ONFOCUS="stayAway()"> Word to guess<BR>
    <INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="guessed"
     ONFOCUS="stayAway()"> Letters guessed so far<BR>
    <P>Enter your next guess.</P>
    <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE=" A " ONCLICK="guess('A')">
    <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE=" B " ONCLICK="guess('B')">
    <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE=" C " ONCLICK="guess('C')">
    <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE=" D " ONCLICK="guess('D')">
    <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE=" E " ONCLICK="guess('E')">
    <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE=" F " ONCLICK="guess('F')">
    <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE=" G " ONCLICK="guess('G')">
    <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE=" H " ONCLICK="guess('H')">
    <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE=" I " ONCLICK="guess('I')">
    <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE=" J " ONCLICK="guess('J')">
    <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE=" K " ONCLICK="guess('K')">
    <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE=" L " ONCLICK="guess('L')">
    <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE=" M " ONCLICK="guess('M')">
    <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE=" N " ONCLICK="guess('N')">
    <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE=" O " ONCLICK="guess('O')">
    <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE=" P " ONCLICK="guess('P')">
    <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE=" Q " ONCLICK="guess('Q')">
    <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE=" R " ONCLICK="guess('R')">
    <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE=" S " ONCLICK="guess('S')">
    <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE=" T " ONCLICK="guess('T')">
    <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE=" U " ONCLICK="guess('U')">
    <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE=" V " ONCLICK="guess('V')">
    <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE=" W " ONCLICK="guess('W')">
    <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE=" X " ONCLICK="guess('X')">
    <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE=" Y " ONCLICK="guess('Y')">
    <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" VALUE=" Z " ONCLICK="guess('Z')"><P>
    <INPUT TYPE="BUTTON" NAME="restart" VALUE="---- Start Again ----"
    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"><!--
    // --></SCRIPT>