• Work is Beginning on our Desert Tortoise Rescue Habitat!

    The Canyon Springs Environmental Club has made in one of our key goals to adopt and care for one of these unique, endangered species. We spent all of last year, and will continue to this year, raising funds for this endeavor.
    Our Progress:
    Step One - Begins Friday, 8/22 installing the brick walls
    Step Two -  Our district will install the water system - Week of 10/27
    Step Three - The Desert Hills Boy Scouts (Troop 439) will build the den for the tortoise &  plant appropriate plants for the habitat
    Step Four - Our district will install fencing
    Step Five - We adopt our tortoise
    How You Can Help:
    Thank you to:
    •  Building Block Masonry, Inc for building the brick walls for us

    • Roadrunner (Pet) Pharmacy for donating generous funds

    • The Desert Hills Boy Scout Troop #439 who are going to build the tortoise den and grass area

    •  The following families who donated Tax Credits:
      • The Ericksons
      • The Laninghams

    •  Everyone who bought Environmental Club T-shirts

    •  Everyone who donated to the Technology Recycling Program