• Keene family

    A little bit about me: I have a Business Degree in Finance from The University of Texas at San Antonio, a PostBac Certificate from Arizona State University West,  a Master's Degree in Elementary Education from Arizona State University and  a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership and Policies Studies from the University of Texas at Arlington.  After working in business for 5 years, I felt something was missing from my work life.  I had a wonderful group of teachers in Middle school and knew that I wanted to make that kind of difference in the life of young people.  After moving to Phoenix from San Antonio, Texas, I decided to take the chance and see if I was teacher material.  That was 30 years ago and I hope that I've helped guide a few lives.

    I hold teaching certificates in Elementary Education and Secondary Education with Highly Qualified in Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, Middle School Math, and Business. I also have a Middle School endorsement;Computer Science endorsement;Math Specialist Endorsement and Reading Specialist Endorsement.  I am highly qualified in Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Middle Grades Math. I have been teaching 7th grade for the past 27 years her in  DVUSD. I am very happy to be here at Terramar and was one of the original staff members when the campus opened in 2003.  I also have a second Master's Degree in Educational Leadership and Policies Studies through the University of Texas at Arlington.   My degree was conferred in May 2012  and I received my state Principal Certificate in August 2012.

    I find it hard to say no to anything that the kids need.  For that reason, I am involved with many activities here at Terramar, if the kids need me, I'm there to advocate for them.  When I'm not here with your kids, I spend time reading, knitting and crocheting and learning stamping and spending time with my family.  My son Ian, who is a Titan alumni, is at Glendale Community College studying Business and working for DVUSD full time and my husband, Rich, retired from DVUSD after teaching Social Studies for 22 years.

    If you'd like to talk,visit the classroom,volunteer your time for a field trip or any other kind of help, or find out more about what's going on in class in order to help your child, please feel free to contact me:

    Voice Mail: 623-445-7669 (on campus)

    Google Voice and text: 602-935-7180 (during Virtual)
    Fax:  623-445-7680 
    Email me:   Alison.Keene@dvusd.org (this is the quickest and best way to reach me).

    You can also find me online at:
    Facebook:  Keene Terramar