• Anyone who scores less than a 70% on a TEST may do test corrections. You will earn 1/2 the points for each question up to a 70%.  In order to receive the points, you must follow these directions:  Get a copy of the original test and find your original answers. You will have 1 week from the date the test is returned to complete any corrections.  The Due date will be posted on the board.
    On a new piece of paper, or a Google Doc:
    1.  Write a brief paragraph explaining how you studied and prepared for the test.  Also tell me what you plan to do differently (be specific) to be ready and do better on the next unit test.
    2. For each incorrect answer you need to write out the number and write out the complete question.  Now give me a complete sentence correct response.  If it's a multiple choice question, state the correct letter and write out the correct response. You then need to explain to me how you know this is the correct answer.  In other words, cite (tell me) where you found the information (ie  which foldable, where in Discovery Techbook, what paragraph on what page of any reading I gave you and Include the title).   Do this for each incorrect answer or for as many as you need to get your grade to 70%.  Anything you don't get correct won't count against you, I only increase the ones you correctly fix. 
    Turn in your original test answer sheet and the corrections page.  Staple these together and put them into your turn in box for your class period.
    If you have any questions, please contact me.